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Luke Tucker says:

Call it sofa Sunday reviews

Dr. Mantis Toboggan says:

Give Kante a lifetime contract. The man is so humble and such a hard worker, he just continues to evolve as a player

สตางค์ หัสนันท์ says:

real tasks coming up common chelsea

TafaRoe says:


Andreas Karlsen says:

8 7

Josh Kay says:


Chelsea_mad 2019 says:

That’s a lie, Kante does have more interceptions then Torreira, Kante 35, Torreira, 32

Abulayi says:

It’s was Huddersfield. Its off to relegation

Samuel Stephen says:

Kovacic has got to start against City, but part of me hopes Ross gets some time to give him confidence. RLC might need to come off the bench for a forward thrust in the second half. I really don’t want our left-hand side gaping, and Mateo would really help us there.

R. H.F. says:

much needed sofa review

dysfynnction says:

Forgot the guy on the lefts name, but do these couch reviews more and get him on! He’s spitting facts and statistics that I didn’t know about. Most dribbles in a PL game (this season I assume) for Hazard, triple the amount of link up between Hazard and Higuain than Morata had in a game (9)

Arsenal 4Lyf says:

Rent boys getting gassed on beating one of the shitest team in PL

Sourav DotA SEA stream says:

Why is Drinkwater Cahill still not in first team i wonder does the coach really not appreciate his performance in training yeah cahill was a bit bad last season but give the guy some PL matches he does good work wen under pressure

Rowland says:

Lets calm down mandem it was huddersfield

Ramzi.H 11 says:

Have u noticed u all r wearing caps 2 black 1 chelsea one

doctorbird41 says:

Sarrid developed Kante??? what fucking comedy am I hearing? Lewis….catch yourself son…. a complete player, regarded as the best at his position, world cup, prem, fa cup winner….SARRI developed him? Do you all listen to yourselves?

TheShakey99 says:

Yes, I’m here.

Isaac Boakye says:

We will 110% get top 4 this year and next season depending on our summer transfer window we will be title contenders

CUWON 2 ;D says:

Chelsea fucked up huddersfield and finally let higuin a chance to score

Serge Vasiliu says:

Great review! Quick question, was wondering why my fan cam didn’t make the cut? (guy with the selfie stick)

Ryth says:

Higuain is the best fat man


Kante is the best , guy is so humble and so adaptable to any system , I really hope hazard stays and we can buy some decent full backs for the system

dennis martin says:

It was only fucking Huddersfield. Chelsea will not make the top 4.

Muhammad Iskandar says:


Hafiz Zalani says:

Can we get top 4? Hopefully

Riazul Islam says:

Nice vid

awadzi selase says:

No, Kante is the best player in his original position. No question. We know Kante is a very intelligent professional who can adapt to any role, but he is the best on the planet at his original position. Any manager who wants to win something will rather improve such a player at his original position even if different role is assigns.

Gonzalo Higuain says:

Chelsea can beat Manchester City but I think city will win as they have got a better squad than Chelsea ole at the wheel

Oh Yeah says:

Kovacic needs to play for that game, he offers so much on the defensive side and playing out of pressure

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