Christy assembles and reviews the Antwerp Sofa from West Elm.


Yuna Rapoport says:

And are the cushions soft?

4eab says:

You did a great job! Do you like it still? What color did you get?

erin denton says:

What is the color of the fabric on this couch?

Sumiyah Bintraafi says:

how has the couch held up so far? and on a scale of 1-10, 10 being super firm, how soft would you rate this?
anyone else with the sofa, please respond as well!

Irwin Alvarado says:

The thumbnail of the video is highly misleading

Daniel Lombardo says:

Were you drunk?

GIANTSFAN291 says:

The wine was probably working against you 🙂

Rizzle says:

If you stop the video at exactly 5:56 one can see the rookie mistake. You need to use both hands and some saliva to lube it up.

Theo Brown says:

Great job!

bobbyV custom builds says:

How in the world did the crew keep from laughing out loud?!

Leigh Gardner says:

This is the girl who runs marathons? Loved the improvised headlamp. Congratulations on your success.

The Christy Show says:

Thanks! It was difficult, but after you find the holes you’re good. Wine helps.

GIANTSFAN291 says:

Too funny

Yuna Rapoport says:

What color is this?

Laurie Marsden says:

I am thinking of getting this sofa. Not sure when you did this video but is the couch still good? Holding up? Are you still happy with it? And most important, is it comfortable?

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