IKEA 2017 Catalog Preview – My Favorite New Products (Sofabed, Standing Desk, Tabletop)

The New IKEA Catalog for 2017 is coming in a couple weeks but here’s a preview of some of my favorite new additions to the IKEA product portfolio.

Check out the full preview of the IKEA 2017 Catalog here:

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Alexandre Monsef says:

What is the exact date of the release !!? :0

hilmir says:

hi david, i love your channel! and just subscribed, could you review this sofa? it looks super cool, and looks open to some diy hacks. http://www.ikea.com/sg/en/catalog/products/40348490/ thank you!

jeanette ramos says:

Love ikea thx for sharing yes I enjoyed

Debra Kelly says:

Wish we had an Ikea. I was going to order online, but for the price of shipping it isn’t worth it.

California Geisha says:

Hi David, do you have a favorite ikea sofa in terms of comfort and durability?

Tue Vu says:

I want a Vallentuna now!

Gordon Stewart says:

IKEA offers new “ASSEMBLY PROGRAM”: Sell customer extra $$$ for assembly, leave them w/thin long boxes. On phone IKEA says, “Salesgirl messed up, you need to hire someone, look on google.”.

Putte MacGuff says:

I love when ppl says the swedish words in english! It sounds so funny :p Knotten and Vallentuna xD

David Zhang says:

*Sorry had to reload this video* Not sure why YouTube is being buggy but it won’t process my 4K videos into lower resolutions so I reuploaded as a 1080 so it would work mobile.

木星からの脱出 says:

Try the combination BARKABODA with FINNVARD. Looks amazing.

Ivan Dixon says:

he reaploaded because of the dislikes

Joseph Redick says:

Looks like a great option as I often shop online for various home product needs.

Niklas Forslund says:

Been going through alot of your videos and you’ve earned yourself a subscriber! Btw, as a Swede it’s always fun to hear people try to pronounce the names of IKEA poducts ^^

Finn Siemetzki says:

I don’t think youtube had problems… I think it is because of the dislikes

GameBrosTMT says:

Just got here from RandomFrankPs video 😉 Hey!

WushuSinned says:

have you thought about writing to IKEA, possibly getting sponsored by them?

Evan Carmichael says:

Exciting 🙂 #BTA232

kamaboko1 says:

Solid video production. Nice job.

Rare Person says:

so this is an add.
but its funny, now the native english speaking folks will start talking even more Engswedish. Here in sweden we have kalled it Swenglish, when we add english word when speaking swedish (Swe = Swedish, and then you have the word english adding to that – Swenglish) (we like talking Swenglish and Engswedish :).

Euan1234 says:

hey David, please look at Random Frank P’s newest video. I don’t know if it is you but I think someone is trying to use your setup as there own!

despasstscho says:

blablabla….auf der Titelseite schon schauen uns 3 Immigranten an und eine blonde Frau sehen wir von hinten. Danke IKEA für deinen Integrationsbeitrag.

Daniel Adónis says:

The modular sofa just seems too assimetrical… The glass dome tho, that thing is so cool. The price is decent as well. Nice vid.

Bastage Smith says:

Sad part I can get quality furniture locally and not pay an arm and leg to have it delivered.

GameBrosTMT says:

Just got here from RandomFrankPs video 😉 Hey!

Al Young says:

Love the information, I’m interested in the camera you use to shoot with. Seems pretty amazing, would much appreciate the help. Al

LT says:

Hi david may i ask which ikea video the one at 2:17 is? 🙂

David Mendoza says:


Josh TechGamer says:

I like ikea to I did few reviews for ikea  thumb up

Borkix says:

Cause of you i’m starting to get more interested in furniture than tech wtf lol

ADCASA says:

Smart sofa-beds for a tinny ap.! Thank you!

Carrie L says:

The Knotten is genius! I just wish it looked less like a drawer sitting on a stool. Know what I mean?
Thanks for the preview.

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