If you’re looking at buying the Soderhamn Modular Sofa from Ikea… go for it! I love it.

Here is the link to Ikea in Australia: http://www.ikea.com/au/en/catalog/categories/series/22178/

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雷震富 says:

I like these,but not the armrest.

T Bissonnette says:

Could you tell me where you purchased the palm tree pillows?

spj515 says:

Hi Elise, just wondering whether you still have the couch and whether after a longer period if its still living up to your review? Specifically are the cushions and base pieces still holding shape or have they gotten squished at all? Any other durability issues?


Hollie Saffron says:

I was just about to buy this sofa but couldn’t decide between the white (sold here in the UK) or the dark gray… Now I’ve seen your review, I’m brave enough to go for white. 🙂

The Vegan Wallflower says:

I just bought this in turquoise with the chaise it’s all sitting in the boxes now, I was dreading putting it together but it sounds like it’s not too bad.

House of Escobar says:

I’ve heard it’s best to dry clean your covers, and I think the Ikea tags say dry clean. I’ve heard over time they can shrink.

Azul Azul says:

Are the palm tree cushions from Ikea too??

Kerrie Redgate says:

The Söderhamn is a really great lounge! Two things you hadn’t mentioned, Elise: the cushions are filled with a fibre made from recycled plastic bottles! And it comes with a 10-year guarantee! It’s an amazing price, and really comfortable. I have the 2-seater (officially called a 3-seater, size-wise) with no arms in the dark grey as it looks very modern with colored scatter cushions to match and contrast with the lime green feature wall behind it. I also love that it’s low and deep (the 2-seater is the same size as a single bed). I’ve taken the small narrow cushions off: I use one as a perfect floor cushion to sit on for cross-legged meditation.
Your white set-up looks really great in your apartment, Elise.
I love IKEA’s business model, and I’m happy to support a company that has a non-profit foundation that does a lot of good work in the world.

Oh Yaseen says:

thanks for the review!!

UnrefinedMama says:

So excited to see this review! This is the lounge I have had my eye one for awhile

Lisa Chenlong Johnson says:

I just got this lounge today with a smaller size and I absolutely love the modern and sleek-ness of this look. I really hope the firmness of the lounge wouldn’t bother me too much. It is much more firm than other couches I’ve sit on before but I think it’s not an issue.

IriaChan says:

You should be working for Ikea because I think you’ve just sold me this! lol Thanks for the thorough video.

Chloe Burnett says:

Its beautiful *Drool*!

kheath580 says:

if youre going to spend 1700 dollars on a sectional you can do so much better than ikea lmao…

Nicole Williams says:

That’s great to know, I didn’t know how good quality ikea things were! it looks very modern and trendy!btw where did you get your grey t-shirt your wearing in this vid?

Mike Hobson says:

So, the colour choices at Ikea are not what were looking for. Only one we like is this white but we have a black cat.. How do you find keeping it clean with that light color?

WestHam66 says:

Can anyone tell me how comfortable this sofa is if sitting at the end. Doesn’t look to be much padding on armrest…also where are the lovely cushions from?

Lindsay R says:

Love the lounge Elise, very useful review.
Just wanted to ask where did you get the Navy cushions? I love your home decor style 🙂

Kirst Gilbertson says:

I had admired it, now I know where to get it!! Thanks lovely 🙂

Jen S says:

Hey Elise. Thanks so much for posting this – it’s super helpful. Have you washed the covers in the washer/dryer yet? If so, how did you do it and how did it go? Ikea says this color of fabric should only be dry-cleaned, so I’m afraid to buy it. Also, any tips for spot stain removal? you mentioned being able to get balsamic out.

Sharie Loik says:

Thank. You for reviewing this sofa. I may be getting the Finnsta Turquoise and wondered about the comfort since mine will be shipped and I can’t sit on it before I order it. Your review helped me with that concern! I’m ordering the one that is a sofa that is 73 1/4 inches long and even though it looks like 2 sections I’m thinking it would fit 3 seated in a pinch when entertaining. Love this post!

Join The Jacksons says:

Oh my gosh I was thinking about this couch all day yesterday ahha! No joke! I def want it for our next house!

Curiosity City says:

Very nice review! Good job – love the video! 🙂

Susie Sadowsky says:

Could you tell me where you bought the coffee tables. Thanks.

Sahira Toma says:

regarding washing the cover in the washing machine I have a white cover sofa from ikea I washed it 5 time and every time looks like brand new one but you need to wash it with hot water and any stain just wash it strait aw.ay with hand soap strait to washing machine I just hang it and iron next day while its not dry completly

Dhaumya Mehta says:

This is such a great review! I’ve been considering the exact same color 🙂 One question though – what’s the TV console you have (seen at 1:30)? It looks gorgeous! Any chance of a review for us?

My Tribe And I says:

Such a gorgeous lounge!! We went to ikea the other week at Rhodes, you can never leave empty handed!! We left with a Besta’ unit!!

T Afua says:

I love this! Are still OK with the light colour today?

Salim Bentahila says:

Hey !! Great review !I’ve been hesitating for a while getting a new couch and this review will probably trigger the purchase.
Can you just tell me more about the durability and global resistance of this sofa ? Does it “age” well or do you feel like it’s a 2y buy ?

Jane Larson says:

Hi Elise. You mentioned that you wash your covers in the washing machine. What temperature do you wash them on, and which cycle? Do you dry them in the dryer? Have you ever used bleach? Thanks 🙂

Ethan Borden says:

How was this a review? You just described what the sofa is. There’s got to be cons, it’s an IKEA couch. Maybe in a year post another “review”

Guess what I get for thinking sofa reviews are as In depth as tech reviews on YouTube.

sahardamghani says:

I’ve been thinking about buying this modular for 6 months, and had so many doubts, including the shade of the white sofa ( in store it looks like it has a grayish hue! you just sold it to me!

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