Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa 60-day Review – Failure!

The Intex Inflatable Corner Sofa ( made it almost 60 days!

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The main lower support cushion has two small pops along the seams (weak point), and the part which makes the couch useless, is the interior seam on the upper large cushion blew-out! It holds air, but the large lumps make it a little uncomfortable 🙂

Amazon only warrantied it for 30 days and directed me to the manufacturer. Gave Intex a call and they said this product carries no warranty and would have to be covered by the retailer, which was Amazon and their 30 day return period.


**INTEX Inflatable Corner Couch:

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Vegan me says:

thank you for this information

Nick J says:

Sorry, it looks like that blow-up fit perfect in your man-cave , maybe a cheap sofa from a garage sale will work !!

picketf says:

Never use superglue on inflatable stuff. Instead use your basic bicycle tire fix kit (patch and glue) and on intex inflatables (sofas and matresses) I would recommend buying a gallon of Plasti Dip or rubber underseal for cars to coat several layers, just use softer rubber for the first few layers. The pelt surface is also a nuisance as the slightes humidity combined with friction destroys them in no time, therefore coating would solve that too.

IanRM says:

`Great review. I was thinking of getting one of these too. In the UK, purchases must be fit for their intended purpose and have an expected lifespan. With the seam puncturing like that, the product obviously wasn’t of merchantable quality and the company should replace or repair it. It is thanks to videos like this, that we can all expose rougue companies that refuse to do so. Their refusal suggests that they are receiving numerous complaints, are well aware of the inferiority of the product. Your video has probably saved many people from wasting their money. Well done.

juan manuel marchioli says:

Well for me ( 140kg o_O ) and my 14 cats… aint a good deal… 😀

tpamdx1 says:

If you purchased using a credit card, some credit card companies double the original warranty period so you may still be covered.

Brian Thor says:

shoot it

sam smith says:

Yes I have the same couch after many inseams from the pillow bases to the main bottom now and the last is today major leak but bottom alone with no seams left is one big bubble lasted 1.5 years served it purpose but not long term. Hint I used body pillows instead of the pillow bases after seam blowups.

rls303 says:

Guess i’ll be taking this off the wishlist, Sorry they didn’t make it right by you

Joe Dirt says:

Would this be good for a gay orgy

Gregg Rose says:

To much air. These can last a long time if there not over inflated. I bought my son a chair 2 years ago and it is doing just fine but we do not let our cat on it. Yes i know its not a sofa but still you do not want to over inflate.

John Smith says:

Perhaps that 300 pound dude stressed it…I had one of their air mattresses and my 400 pound wife blew it out…LOL…

Home Homer says:

Super glue melts the plastic but good to vulcanize the seam and when you can seal from in side and out for great strong hold what’s what I do and never pops in same place

Joe Dirt says:

I bought a $60 mattress from wal mart. It was fucked after day 2. INTEX SUCKS BLACK COCK

chris melendez says:

he forgot to tell us that he was samurai fucking on the couch..that’s how it broke

NIC MEL says:

thanks for info, but are there anyways to fix this? I have the exact same issue like yours.

ROk 007 says:


KnifeCollector031 The Netherlands says:

Tx for the update!

buzzsah says:

I remember back in the late 60s early 70s when they came out with global furniture and then it was because they were just two new but constantly blowing out. I have seen a few that have like a felt spray on cover something like the air mattresses and I have seen them last little while but still light usage. I still don’t think they perfected the blowup furniture. Good luck and you should be able to repair it and hopefully get a few more months out of it thank you for the warning

Mahaginy Martin says:

i just looked at your first review, was planning on purchasing one temporary until i get to get my real furniture, then i saw this one, hmm, well, it held out for 60 days, i would only need maybe half that time, great review.

krazy45cat says:

That Blows :(((

Home Homer says:

Intex seams are bad so fix that never over inflate

Launa Craig says:

I was going to buy it but not now

captmoa says:

Sorry to hear this. I haven’t had good luck with Intex either. Got 2 self inflating mattresses and both of the batteries stopped taking a charge. They never returned my calls. Steer clear of Intex.

Pedro Escareno says:

good thing i purchased the 5 year warranty for 14 bucks

michaeldb78 says:

Not cool. Not many companies stand by their product anymore. It’s a shame.

Pat says:

nice review. 84lbs? that’s like a child…a bit creepy lol

Always at Your side says:

Bought this one like two months ago and happened the same way he said is good an confortable but it breaks to fast

YouTreen says:

Wow! I’m glad I watched this follow up review! I won’t be purchasing this after all. Ty again for sharing 🙂

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