Jessa Place Sectional Sofa Review

This is a brief review of the Jessa Place Sectional Sofa by Ashley Furniture. The model in the review is the Pewter Jessa Place. I also have the matching ottoman (sold separately in my case).

Skip to 6:20 for full Jessa Place dimensions.

Read the full review with complete dimensions at

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Mama christy says:

is this like a dark gray in person?

DELTABOY04 says:

thanks man.was hoping for a review on this couch on YT and you popped up lol

Shay Gray says:

You have convinced me that my next purchase will be this couch…thanks for the video and especially the specs at the end that gave me a real feel for how this would fit in my living room.

Taylor Rasmussen says:

Did you get the dimensions online or is this from what you measured?

Brittany Sims says:

Thanks so much for posting this review! O could not decide between the Jessa, or the Truscotti. This review sold me. Thank you!

Armando Guerra says:

how is it after these few months i want to buy it

TheMikeHickey says:

Thanks for your effort this is a quality video.

David Klomps says:

Great review. I just like to double check the measurement.
Online I see for the width 143″ – 145″, you have it as 139″.
Is that a solid 139″? My room is 140″ wide and according to your measurements, it should fit.

jonny l. says:

good review, I’m buying one from appliance connection for $945.00 free ship no tax

Kinga Binga says:

I just ordered this, so this video was very helpful. … now let’s hope I can set it up solo

Jessica Park says:

This was very helpful!!! Thank you so much!

Hungry4Starch says:

How is your sectional holding up? I just bought one.

Douglas Bramble says:

I just purchased this sofa I see you have had it a while now if you do still have it. I have seen very few but some reviews saying the frame breaks easily and that the cushions lose there fluffiness very quickly any insight on that?

Anna Lockett says:

I was wondering how the couch looks now?

Rachel m says:

Is the pewter color is the gray family? How is it standing up to wear?

Cleo matty says:

I love it…

Natasha Punt says:

thank you soon much because I’m getting this sectional and ottoman and your review helped so much =] my only question is was u the only one to set up or did u have help?

Tiffaney Clark says:

I’m absolutely in LOVEEE with this Jessa couch, it’s sooo COMFORTABLE. You won’t be disappointed.

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