Lovesac – All About Sacs

Lovesac is the creator of the original Oversized Sac, designed to be of the highest quality. Everything else is just a cheap knock-off. More than a quarter-million Lovesacs have been sold since 1998. Watch the video to learn what makes the original Lovesac so unique.


Mumbʟes005 says:

$1300?! I can buy a nice leather couch for that price. I can get a queen sized memory foam mattress for less than that. Hell a small Tempur-Pedic is cheaper.

Bob Rickleson says:

you trolling danny d naked kaki sac motherfucker?

Lucky Kitty says:

Can you have sex on it?

Death in a can says:

my girlfriend loves sac

tired of the unjustice? says:

HOPING one day soon it goes on SALE FOR 300$ at least.But I don’t need the fur cover,just a normal cover.

nihilsystem13 says:

Fucking click-bait. Also, I’d sit on his sack all day.

Rachel says:

who the fuck do you think you are charging 1000 for a bean bag. A BEAN BAG! you greedy asshole. It’s just a BEAN BAG!!

Blumac5 says:

I bet Linus tech tips would buy that…

Flying Phoenix says:

All About *Sacs*

Marlei Jean Gonzales says:

Omlllll id love to have one
Its my dream to have one in my room if love sac made my dream come true id never ever throw it away i would go and u use it every single day i NEED AND REALLY REALLY REALLY REAALLLYYYYLOVE TO HAVE ONE BUT UNFORTUNALLY MY FAMILY AND I DONT HAVE THE MONEY FOR ONE BUT IT WOULD BE THE BEST CHRISTMAS EVER IF I GOT ONE

Lashanda Johnson says:

Yeah all about sacs

Bohemian Idol says:

It’s all fun and games until bodily fluid seeps into your sac

Chelsea Gallo says:

Oh how I really need this.
I think this would give me great neck support.
But the cost is definitely out of my range.

Oscar GameZ says:

Wow what a big aac

Yagmur Erkan says:

The brown one looks like a massive turd

Samuel Praneeth says:

what about ball sacs tho?

Cassidy West says:

Those prices… You sac.

John Baylie says:

you can get a simmilar sack for $150 and they can compress theres too. and this peice of shit costs 1k

Bitsh0y says:

Honestly just get a yogibo goddamn

Tassy says:


Jonathan Smoothchode says:

nice shoes fuckwad

Casey Morar says:

Bruh why this nigga got 12 empty picture frames.

Gigi Rucci says:

I like the concept but I bet you putting that cover on is a BITCH!

Natalie Klotzbeacher says:

Lol this was funny and I think you’ve sold it to me

Bill Maria says:

Shove that price where the sun don’t shine..

Georgia Warren says:

I truly would love to have a few of these! I take care of my brother who has cerebral palsy and I think he’d love it. The seat of his wheelchair is made with something like what’s inside the lovesac, so I know it would be comfortable.
Saving up now.

roger hurd says:

hahahah 1k+ I don’t think so. You dumb-asses screwed up a possibly good thing.

madscientistshusta says:

No thats definatly a bean bag.

Nutella Bakery says:

Not a bean bag, a foam bag

Sherry Potter says:

Money is the rule of all evil. That’s what’s wrong with america they wanna charge a arm and a leg for a damn bean bag

CuppRamenn says:

Once you get that sac out of the bag, there is no getting it back in.


Francisco Javier Bravo Cerda says:

Anybody wants sone tea?. If you catch my drift.

Samantha Gusman says:

all about sacs

boberte says:

Can u make one with shityer quality so i can afford one

biggman stretch says:

The comfy sack is better and cheaper

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