Lovesac Modular Furniture!! Assembly Tips, Tricks & REVIEW!

Lovesac Sactionals, view current pricing:

Sactionals are “the most adaptable, adjustable, reconfigurable, forgivable, livable, lovable furniture on earth.” Made by a company called, Lovesac.

Here’s an in-depth video review of Sactionals. Arrival and delivery, unpacking, assembly with tips and tricks, and final review.

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Mikenopolis says:

no idea how this came up on my recommended videos since is from 2014. Anyway, how’s this holding up? I find it quite expensive for something where the costumer is doing so much of the labor. My sectional from Macy’s cost about $3,000 MSRP and I got it for $2,200. No loose threads, and no assembly needed. Macy’s delivery people brought it into the house, unboxed it for us too!

DJ Kevgeez says:

This is a $11,000 couchset.

trizanzor says:

Lovesac has physical stores located at the high end malls. This is one of the reason as to why sactionals are expensive.

Joey Robeson says:

Any updates? Is it easy to clean? Still durable? Still in love ?

Molly Mayor says:

I got my son a love sac big one when he was 16 his family just moved into their first home, he came and picked up his sac this week. He had the corduroy cover cleaned and aired his sac for two days , as good as new. Now I found this I have to show him, I sure he’ll buy this . Xox

sam smith says:

seems good in theory but not well engineered

Cody Biese says:

I feel like all the furniture they sell is overpriced for what you get I’d rather spend it on well made flexsteel furniture my company sells and delivers. You spend roughly the same price for way better quality. I understand you get the modularity of the furniture but does that really justify the cost of this furniture that seems to be as good as mid range Ashley furniture lol.

Heather L'Hommedieu Perreault says:

Hi Ben, I just discovered the Lovesac products and was wondering how you are feeling about them after living with them for the last 18 months? How are they holding up? Would you buy them again?

papercupinthetrash can says:

I have this, super comfortable. In fact I sleep on it more than I do my bed

vect0rx says:

Sactional owner here, 2012 purchase. Looking at maybe freshening my couch covers up and maybe new filling. Did you “try out” any of the other fills besides Standard Foam/ I’m thinking about down or ‘lovesoft’ but unfortunately am not near to a store to try it out…

Robert Jarvis says:

Hey man,  I enjoy your videos, but was curious how the sectional isdoing for you.  Now that it has been over 2 years?  Are these products that you would recommend for someone to purchase for their own home?  Also, how are they holding up with the animals?  Thanks man

Trina Foster says:

Thanks for the great video! I have been searching for weeks for the “perfect modular couch” when someone told be about the sactional. I am struggling between a cheap couch that will need replaced in a few years or an expensive one like this. What other brands did you look at before purchasing Lovesac? Would you say that Lovesac lives up to the warranty they boast about on their website? Also, have you washed the covers? Do they come out looking good as new?

Jason Garibay says:

$5,000 for a sofa jesus christ

Randall Donadio says:

Dope editing. Must have taken forever building this thing and getting all the shots lol (coming from a creator myself)

One question: after building it and seeing the issues. Do you think their concept and/or quality is overpriced?

Lacie Eastlick says:

Just built my 4 base 5 side sactional by myself and it took longer than expected! A couple IPA’s during set up are a must! I found putting in the clamps by myself were much harder than it looked in the videos! I still have 3 clamps left over because putting the bases together with the clamps is touch! I think I’ll wait for my husband to do that part! Thanks!

lulem400 says:

For 4k id buy a nice leather reclining sectional

EastPAWZ says:

looking for new furniture, but I would never be able to afford anything from this company lol

amynta zoe says:

i have to assemble myself for that price!! ikea is cheaper! priced to high for ikea style furniture!

Nezello says:

Seriously, what it takes to easily satisfy. I WOULD NEVER ASSEMBLE this at any cost GIVING AWAY MY LABOR…

Lan Nguyen says:

What a steal!! Only about a grand a seat and you get to put it all together by yourself??? lol

Danny Giroux says:

Honestly, for that sort of quality control and or build quality, I would feel more comfortable with Ikea like prices……At least they can ship things out to correct their mistakes.

Adrian Mendoza says:

that’s cool

Klange says:

Hello! I have love sac and wanted to have a wider seating! But I noticed the sections don’t go together as far as the back pannels:( help me?

Yusayrah Taymiyyah says:

Props to you guys. You guys are hella patient. I would have returned the sofa and get a refund the same day lol

TheWaltons126 says:

you didn’t have to build your own, you chose to

Amy Troisi says:

What color is this?

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