Here is my take/review on the white couch sectional from IKEA! Let me know if you have any questions.

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Ely G says:

Where did you buy the grey pillows?

Mindy Hartwick says:

You freaked me out when you said the white was the only color you could wash.  I just got the Tygelsjö beige sofa, loveseat and ottoman, and as soon as I heard you say white was the only color that could be washed I went to the website to check and it shows my color is washable.  In fact according to the product information the only color it specifically says not to wash is the gray.  I just didn’t want anyone to be turned off buying a different color thinking they can’t wash it.

alexander62 says:

You can wash not only the white EKTORP …

Dachelle Rodon says:

How much did it cost

Ohana7 says:

How much was this couch w the attoman

Dulce Stephanie says:

Hey, I have a quick question. So I also have this couch in white but my covers shrunk like crazy, even by always air drying them. Have you noticed same issue?

The Best You World says:


Brandon Spies says:

I saw lots of questions on color. We were at IKEA earlier today physically looking at these couches and hers is Blekinge White. The Stenasa White is just a tad bit darker and is of a courser fabric texture

penandpaper says:

Very heplful video. I was almost going to buy this couch but your review alerted me to how you have to do all this regular work for it compared to just a normal regular couch. I just want a couch to sit on, not a project to work on.

The Pretty Life says:

We’re getting ready to purchase this couch, I’m just debating on the color! Although, there are other options that are machine washable – red, I think a couple of the beige/natural options, plaid, I think blue…. definitely other options for those not wanting white 🙂 

Queenisha Mccray says:

where did you get that shirt from i love that color

HomeOwnerRepair says:

I love our IKEA couch too. We have kids and pets too. Love being able to wash the covers. Great video!

Jess61493 says:

Hi I was hoping you could help me me and my husband want a sectional and I love the fact that it’s white and washable!! But on the website there’s 2 type of white stanesa white and blenkige white and wanted to know which one you have also one is 999 and the other one 799 please and thanks for your time!

MommyJessi says:

Thanks for the review. I’ll keep this in mind when it comes time to replace our current couch. What colors do you have on your kitchen and living room walls? And, have you ever showed the boys’ rooms or did I just miss that video?

Emily Paine says:

on the website it says the other colors are machine washable.

Jamie Lambert says:

So, I just watched this video because we’re purchasing the couch and loveseat. How come you can only wash the white? We were leaning towards the light beige….

Cathy Arcodia says:

I have the same couch, but haven’t washed it yet. Needs to be done now after the holidays. Which steamer do you have?

Hella Almansour says:

how do you wash it ? do u spray
something before you wash it because i have one but the dirt will not go completely!!

learnwithminette says:

Such a great video! Love your couch! I feel like I would be terrible with a light couch!! But I Iove this since you can wash it!!

MissPiggyLilly says:

Which “white” is this sofa?

Mommyslife21 says:

I have a question, which white couch is this? There is 2 different kinds I’m just wondering which one u have, & if u know what’s the difference of the 2 are ?

Toccoah Lynn says:

I’m so torn between the IKEA and Pottery Barn. Send me the IKEA just does not look like it’s me very well

Faye Kirby says:

I just went back to watch this from May. Do you remember what white color you chose? There are 2 available on the website! Thanks so much, you’re my favorite YouTube mama!!

Shosho Soso says:

I have both white and grey covers the white is easier to wash and cover it again but the grey one shrinks and it is a tough job to recover the sofa with it .it looks funny

fredmcmack says:

9 times out of 10 it works every time!

Heather Thomas says:

Can you tell me what ottoman you have? I love the size.

Ghazi Kariri says:


Holly Rhodes says:

I have the sofa and chair now and we are getting ready to buy the sectional. What I tell people is, what you see on my couch that I can wash off of it you can’t on another couch!! Can you imagine the nastiness that’s on a sofa you can’t wash!!! Yuuuuck! I get the heebz when I go sit on other peoples couches just knowing what was on mine that I can wash off and they can’t!!!

John Iler says:

Not worth the money went to check it out

kelly russell says:

Thank you for your review. We have 2, soon to be 3 grandkids living with us, plus a dog and 3 cats. Although I do NOT want white (love it btw), I don’t want to spend a bunch on a couch that will be lived and loved on, and I don’t want to buy a really expensive one. 

Gu Zhang says:

clean and good look lady 😉
the problem with my IKEA couch is the cover is not detachable ;-(

Lorren and Family says:

What steamer do you have ? Purchasing this couch soon !

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