On The Sofa 2017

Max and Daniel get comfy on the sofa to review the season that was, 2017.

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Phantumix says:

needs a hug

HOTE official says:

Funny asf

Cristiano Marques says:

Well.Done.Baku.That race was SAFETY CAR HEAVEN.

Thedarkrosi says:

Just cant hate these guys.

Adelphia Koh says:

Just 98 days to FP1 in Australia!!!

Amir Penkar says:


notjxss says:

… bwoah …

daniel vitale says:


UnleadedFuels says:


muya kill em all says:

the thumbs down was from the ferrari f1 team

Chathildam says:

There was a bit of BWOAH in the Singapore Sandwich.

Gus Johnson says:

oh, think i know someone, that can teach Dan to Jump..

Gus Johnson says:

Want anyone to Mentor, an Up and Coming Driver.. Daniel shits on anyone..
Oh the bloke next to me in sign on pic, is the. True Robbie Madison, at my front door.. Wankers..

everything_is_depressing_123 says:


scott - says:

That dab in the beginning hahah

Midget Man says:

i find it funny he says a 4 time constructor world champion needs to take baby steps

Lakitu886 says:


Rick Bloemers says:

The ting goes skrrrahh 
Pap, pap, ka-ka-ka 
And a pu-pu-pudrrrr-boom 
Skya, du-du-ku-ku-dun-dun 
Poom, poom, you don’ know

Claudio Bear & Co. says:

So much banter I love these 2 !

Tawnie says:

0 dislikes!

Jessica Rona says:

These guys, should start a F1 meme account on IG.

GamezBeatz says:

I love such long almost unedited videos with Daniel and Max. I hope more will come in the next few months.

Daan Wolswijk says:

Them joking about reliability is the funniest thing I have ever seen

RCRafał says:

You should take supersofts to cars in background

Jon Palsmar Rosengreen says:

Was expecting a crash.

Ani Rojas says:

let’s have a drink every time Daniel says “Alrighty”

Hedzer Douma says:

29.20 and that’s why Daniël and Max are the best teammates you can have. If a driver like Vettel says something like this… We reaaaally have to hope Daniël will sign a new contract..

Gabriel Kny says:

I think one of the reasons why you are so well together is thanks to Red Bull. The team in general is fun and cool, and I feel like thanks to that you both feel good together, same thing happened with Vettel-Webber and Vettel-Ricciardo.

Edm 2803 says:


royaltron says:

How much was Max’s new contract worth I wonder?

Patrick Schellen says:

That’s why they re the best teammates, both quick, both strong…

Max Verstappen says:

Goodbye Kvyat

Esmée Betten says:

Well Done Baku

Nr1from1978 says:

OMG. His reaction when Max said: when we swapped cars. That could actually happen or have happened and Daniël would’nt have known. Who knows. Maybe Max had a slip of the tongue there?

Tuten Gag says:

This is just the greatest Video of the year! Keep it up for the next years

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