Our IKEA Kivik after 3 Months


IKEA Kivik couch and chaise.


ayokay123 says:

For only a two month old sofa, it seems the foam and seams have shifted too much…ie…look at the edges where your knees would be. They’re all rolled over towards the floor.
More importantly, I read somewhere that the Kivik no longer has the lengths underneath the armrest, but instead moved them under the main part of the sofa. Is this true? If so, it could become problematic if folks ever try to sit on the arms. The old Kivik has the legs supporting the armrests, so it’s not an issue. I reaaally like the Kivik in the store, but am a bit wary about the seam shifting and lack of support under the armrests.

Jimmy Braun says:

looks horrible

Hannah Gregson says:

Hi, could I ask you exactly how long this is please? I’m looking to get one and IKEA’s website states ‘approx’ 280, is it smaller than this?

cotafilipe says:

for a 3 month sofa it seems definitely overly wore off!!

Jonathan DeSouza says:

Keep posting and you will get there, i see you put work into it! What do you think of my vlogs? Leave a comment on my newest video! Become a part of the Story Family! 😀

evyrockz says:

Honestly for a couple of months that couch looks bad! Maybe because it hasn’t been cleaned? It does look super comfy though!

just_another_n3rd says:

Quick question. Thinking about grabbing this set for my apartment but curious as to how the cat reacted to it. Did it try to scratch it up at all?

Elvira Rubio Bárcena says:

Hi! From Spain. I am thinking about buy this sofa for my new apartment but I m not sure if the filling of the sofa deforms over time. It seems so confy because of the visco but … we are just a couple and we tried in the store and we liked it, but we afraid of buy it and , months after, have a deformed sofa. Any help please?

Clinton Hammond says:

We’re about to pull the trigger on a Kivik 5 seater with chaise to replace two sofas we’ve had for far too long… This review, and a couple of others have helped us decide.


Derek says:

Thanks for vid. I have been looking into buying this sofa and was hoping you could answer a ? … Is the sofa in your vid the four person seater or the three person seater??? Been struggling on which to buy. Want to sleep on it. lol and think 3 seater is big enough by measurements but not sure because horrible at math . Thanks

Carol E. Gross says:

Wow, amazing!!! I love this sofa

Sunshine Luke says:

I have the 3 seater and we have the grey cover and these couches are virtually indestructible. We don’t have kids but we are rough on them and I feel like they will last forever

rrruizzz says:

Hi, do your cats tear into it easily? How well does it hold up against them?

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