Our New IKEA Living Room

In this vlog we show you our new IKEA KIVIK sofas and Strandmon Wing Chair.

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Farris and Jimmy


mcgaugh57 says:

Thing about that furniture is the fire danger, it burns so fast.

Julia Gregory says:

Love the living room. What color are you going to paint the wall?

WOWQueen says:

Very nice living room! A coffee table and some lamps would make it look extra cute. I cannot wait to revamp my living room next month! Seeing this gets me excited about it!

Bek Larsen says:

Love the new couches guys!!! Thanks for periscoping this morning it made my day!! I’m sapphire breeze, Farris was vlogging and said my username hehe! Thank you for always putting a smile on my face. You guys are awesome!! And again happy birthday Shane!

Khairil Amri says:

hi, may i know those kivik 2 seater or 3 seater? tq

while they were napping says:

I can totally see a medium tone grey color on those walls 🙂

while they were napping says:

looks great! this makes me want to do an ikea run 🙂

Abandoneddreams says:

I love ikea!! It’s so fun putting the things together!

skylilly1 says:

I like your color choice and throw pillows. Always fun to change things up with pillows and throw blankets!

Anonymous to people who don't know me says:

I love those wood floors. Are they real or fake wood floors?

Paige Whitley says:

It looks really nice. We have a mixed up living room of Ikea futon couch, a “this end up” sleeper sofa from a thrift store (40 doll hairs) a vintage “grandma” chair I literally got off the side of the road after an estate sale, and a bamboo “queen” chair. Totally random but it works for us.

DOO718 says:

I hope Shane poops on all of it!

Greg Childers says:

What is the music at the end of the show? I love it so much. Cool video.

Sara Gonzalez says:


sputnic says:

Very nice , now you just need some pictures and posters on the walls

mmendes98 says:

So random question. What’s the closing song in this video?

Mornié Utúlié says:

With a new coat of paint your living room will be worthy of an IKEA catalogue! I think Farris has a great eye for color + texture.

雷震富 says:

TV was too high,not good.

Destiny Swan says:

beautiful living room set!

Anonymous to people who don't know me says:

here I was thinking she, Ferris, was going to say that she was a vegan. I was shocked when she said she likes meat and she’s a meat eater.
Oh! , the the world must be coming to an end.

Etiros says:

I can’t believe you two bought a new living room. I thought you were too cheap, but FINALLY!

Cameron Gekoski says:

The living room looks amazing!!!! Looks so modern and sleek. Great vlog!!!

Anonymous to people who don't know me says:

here I was thinking she, Ferris, was going to say that she was a vegan. I was shocked when she said she likes meat and she’s a meat eater.
Oh! , the the world must be coming to an end.

Whitney Hott says:

Your eye on design and color is just “Fabulous”! 🙂

N1v3K77 says:

Why the hell do American people always mount their TV up against the freakin’ ceiling .. ? 😐

Jeana Snyder says:

Your living room looks so awesome and cozy! I love the colors too great job guys! Makes me want to redo my living room!

Sowmya Kapula says:

Love the look! where did you find that tripod floor lamp from??

Maureen McLean says:

It is a large room. Nice.

hippygram says:

The new furniture looks great. To add to your modern/retro look I would definitely add window treatments to soften the room. In my opinion the only window that should be unadorned is one with an amazing view. If you prefer the minimalist look at least go with wispy Aqua sheers. I would paint the walls a lovely gray shade and the fireplace wall a pale turquoise, aqua color. Sorry but I like color surrounding me not neutralness, lol. I would also put sofa arms closer, maybe with a table between them. A new rug to pull all the colors together. Enjoy your new surroundings!

Phil Hutton says:

Do they sell furniture already built in California???  We have furniture stores here in my town that deliver ready made furniture. REALLY,  I swear, the furniture is already together when it gets here.  What about other viewers towns?

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