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100PercentChelsea is a youtube channel for real Chelsea fans. We interview Fans at games and create other shows about Chelsea F.C. London is Blue.


lunt banzi says:

If you actually being fair and objective on morata, and this is something most fans just do not see coz just imo most Chelsea fans are just so reactionary and biased and hear what they wanna hear. First giroud did fuckall yestrrday if u think giroud is gonna keep assisting hazard babe that’s not gonna happen every week we did it against Cardiff its not gonna happen against the top 6. Sarri said that paok was the only game morata had actual chances and was active in out of all his games this seaso and was unlucky. Yes giroud has more of an impact why because his an impact player he’ll always be a plan B never a plan A yes he will get the odd start here and there, but some of u have just been too over critical on morata. If u gonna play a certain way to suit your striker you must give him service simple u say giroud makes his own service why? Because his a target man he WANTS to feeel contact his there coz of his link up play where as morata is there to run in behind and to be a poacher. We played two games where morata had to play against 3 cbs footballing terms, do u really expect him to play his game? He hasnt been amazing in any game but at the same time hasnt had a diasaster of a performance. Even against arsenal ppl complained about morata he scored but didnt do enough either change the way we play ask morata to come deep or tell him to stay up and be a poacher can’t have it both ways.

Another thing is we will lose if we start giroud on Saturday coz if the link up doesn’t work with hazard and giroud Liverpool will counter us all day long just like Barcelona did at camp nou when that game really needed morata for pace on the counter. Morata hasn’t been at it but again guy hasn’t had clear cut chances he is what we have right now and we better starting him in games. I told everyone just because we beat Cardiff doesn’t mean hazard is gonna score 30goals this season. There’s still October November and December to go and morata still must be sold?

Raffay Ahmed says:

fabianski went neuer

Fareed Uddin says:

Think that we need a striker desperately. Michy would be good but I think sarri should and could try a false 9 like sarri did with mertens or get an Icardi or a striker that runs the channels. Think rotation is needed in the carabao cup and Europa and go full pelt in the league.

Johnson Nicholas-Joseph says:

Pedro is more effective simply because he cuts inside and shoots

Zoumaholic says:

short answer, without a good striker that can convert things to goals the best we could hope for is 3rd!
and 3rd is not that bad considering where City and Liverpool are at

penguin bobby says:

What the hell did giroud do last game you guys are just hating on Morata

Harrison Ekwenugo says:

Sorry Louis and co at 100% Chelsea, your criticism about David Luiz for this game is wrong…He is not the problem why the forwards didnt take their chances…I think our biggest problem was letting Batshuayi leave on loan and not selling Morata this summer…Batshuayi in this system will score two of those chances…Also Kante seems out of position and many times the creative players dont trust him in the combination play…one thing Westham did on Sunday was forcer us to play on the right where Kante and willian and Azpi do not have the same chemistry as Hazard, Kovacic amd Alonso on the left…We need to play against liverpool Kante and Fabregas beside each other at the base of midfield with Kovacic playing the number 10 role behind Morata…The liverpool game will suit Morata because it will be open and there will be space to run into with Fabregas putting thru those long diagonal passes over the top…I would like to see Christensen and Ampadou pair up and give liverpool a fight…what is worst that can happen…Hudson Odoi should stary with hazard on wednesday

Andrew Salmon says:

first of all kante should not be playing in an attacking midfield position it’s not hes natural position for me he needs putting back where he should be next to jorginho in a 2 man midfield with kovacic further up the field it’s madness from sarri that

Eli Naddour says:

Why Maurizio Sarri is right that Jurgen Klopp’s Liverpool are ‘one year’ ahead of his work-in-progress Chelsea MAURIZIO SARRI OUT ROBERTO DI MATTEO IN.

Andrew Salmon says:

striker needed in january suggest mitrovic we need someone like him strong bullish and can bring everyone into the game with he’s hold up play plus he’s powerful in the air, it’s ridiculous a club like chelsea with two strikers who can’t score it’s embarrassing really we need to fix this in january

dusty rhodes says:

First off I like the couch and pub shows….I give you guys alot of sh*t for being negative sometimes and I realize you need content but l still like the new ideas you guys are coming up with. As far as Chels after last season, new manager, and average summer transfer window Im more that pleased with the start of the season. Goal was top 4 from day one. We will achieve that and play some great football along the way. Title push???? Maybe….maybe with a big January transfer window but we all know January windows tend to me bland. Look forward to the rest of the campaign and very excited for next season and being back in the UCL.

lunt banzi says:

Alonso allowed yarmalenko to have that free header not David luiz, what situation are u talking about?

Jason Mclean says:

Italian managers are stubborn it seems

Jamie Dunne says:

I’m an arsenal fan but do you guys think you’d be a different level of you’d aubameyang up top ?

LATYMER28 says:

You are a mug

Luck says:

The only reason morata was so good at the start of his first season and that stoke game was because Dave was constantly crossing the ball directly to him lol

Moty Grusman says:

guys, Morata scored against Paok good goal, which was disallowed. Morata scored good flick against West Ham , only to find that Kante was offside. Come on, Give the guy some break. It wasn’t his fault, that Chelsea paid that amount for him, he has shown and in real and in Juve, he is a very good player, and early last season until back injury, we all were amazed how good he was, the confidence Conte killed in him, still there, and it will take some time to restore, but it will be back very soon. HE IS ONE OF US, SUPPORT HIM, at least for now

Gregg Richfield says:

That geezer on the left has murderers eyes

colonicsymphonic says:

Should’ve left Giroud in to finish match. Sell Morata, Willian, and David Luiz.

Abitini 123 says:


Dani Pinhasik says:

Love you guys! Go Chelsea!!!

alex akuffo says:

you are wrong Willian gave a poor performance again…with the skill he has, he should be letting us not miss Pedro…to me he puts in a very lazy performance and lot of coaches will always think twice about him. You guys have to centre cam Azpi he is getting poorer…Alonso was beaten a few times and he got up from the ground and walked whiles opposition were still pressing…..Ma brother (in african voice) leave Morata out he wont change….with the striker situations we replaced a ferrari with two bmws…

Harvey Gleadell says:

you’ve made a right fat cunt of yourself there mate

Can't find my glasses says:

Giroud did absolutely nothing and I don’t know what’s worse than a Player who can provide the bare minimum and more in a game (Morata) or A guy whose form is as rolly Polly as our league finishes the past 4 years

Saddat Abubakari says:

And we need a good strike like Diego costa . Morata has to go in January

Delvin Vaz says:

I think that Emerson was injured that why he didn’t play in the Europa League game.

Saddat Abubakari says:

Am a Chelsea fan and what we need now is a left footed player like Salah or Robben in our team.look at the Man city they have like five left footed players

Lisa Dinahson says:

The Morata agenda is real Giroud is the strike who started and did nothing but we’re gonna praise that. Morata comes on and we look threatening. IMO Morata should start and giroud comes on 60th min they’re both average strikers imo

Chelsea 2012 says:

Sari won’t rotate and it will cost us in the long term as he never rotated in Napoli

Martin Yeboah says:

Sarri should rotate more in cups otherwise it can affect us in the league due to poor performance and tiredness from the players. Morata needs to be sold in January

alexwaza2 says:

Lad I think your harsh on Morata and I will explain why…
1) He was excellent till Jan. The back injuries struck and he played through it.
2) He is getting the chances which is the key.
3) He is actually super unlucky. PAOK He scores ruled out.
4) WEST ham Fabianski got lucky with it hitting his face. We need to give him till January

Ferdinand Meyer says:

Based on yesterday’s game you can’t really say that Moratas performance was bad, he made the right decisions when the ball came to him, got unlucky with his attempt on goal, made a good layoff with his head for Hazard who failed to play it back to him and he wasn’t squared the ball by Willian or Hazard when he was Infront of goal. If he puts in a similar performance in his next game and gets played the ball more often he will surely grab a goal or a couple of assists

Azoz Saleh says:

I think they will have back to back defeats against liverpool playing like that.

Jason Mclean says:

The free header wasn’t David Luiz fault !!! He’s shit anyways

Eden Hazard10 says:

It should be called The LLJ Sofa Show If u know what I mean? And can u read Our YouTube Comments on one of your Videos, Maybe in Sad Bastard Corners?

Jonathan Amofa says:

Keep this concept going such a brilliant idea

Peter Park says:

Sofa review. We’ll lose 4-0 to Liverpool in the league playing horrible

Prithvi Sindhar says:

Sofa so good

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