What Not to Buy in a Recliner or Recliner Sofa

What Not to Buy in a Recliner or Recliner Sofa. My big recliner sofa mistake. Please subscribe! YouTube is changing it’s pay policy and I need 1000 subscribers in order to get paid. This income helps offset my low Florida teach pay! Thank you!

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l a s says:

her sons feet in the backround lol

J Fells says:

I bought a couch with that wood frame in the wrong place….We got what we paid for. About to dump it after many years of use.

Bill Peirce says:

Why the hell did I trust yr son?
What a dumb ass. It look like crap before u pointed that out.

Zoek je Mod? says:

Shameless from the store!!

George Saunders says:

Ask for refund

Phonso says:

That’s not a big deal

Christopher Leeson says:

Are you sure the back has been put on properly?

George Saunders says:

U can pay $10k but it dont mean its any good

The Art Lady's Home says:

I thought I would let people know it was not a RTG store purchase, it came from Kane’s Furniture, which I thought was a quality store. (They mentioned lifetime warranty.)This purchase was for my sons game room, so I didn’t put as much thought into it as I would for my living room. For the past 20 years I have bought all my furniture at the same designer store with the same salesperson, (Baer’s furniture) , but they were remodeling and low on inventory in the showroom, and did not have anything my son liked. Also my salesman at this store had recently retired, so I decided to try Kane’s. This was my first time buying at Kane’s and purchasing a ready-made sofa, so I did not know I needed to thoroughly check it out before purchase. The salesperson was also new to me. This video was made to inform buyers in ANY store to thoroughly check out a recliner sofa purchase before buying. Now a days EVERYTHING is made so CHEAPLY that the buyer needs to be aware. I have since found recliner sofas not in designer stores, that are made better for much less that the 2k I paid. So yes, it is a cheap sofa, in my opinion about a 1,000 dollar sofa, and no where near the 2,000 dollars price tag I paid. So my point is, I made the video to help future recliner buyers, not so people could judge me on why I bought the sofa, or why I let my son pick it out ,or why I went to a cheap store, it’s about what not to buy so YOU don’t get ripped off yourself.

Vortexes ツ says:

thanks niggeh

Bình Luận Cách Tập Thể Hình says:

It’s a low end sofa Mam. You’re paying for what you get. Store that’s don’t tell the trueth to customers that is called liar, cheated and corrupted in the history of business. When I made a sale to a customer I am making sure that they are happy with what they got. As a sale person first I educated the customer when the wall in the store. They need to know what they are going to purchase. I have some customers when they saw the price tags and they said wow. And this is the time I educated them why, as they learned who is the Designers and what company is making the products and also show them some youtube links of the company after that they open the wallet.

chupacabre8 says:

it is a sectional. not a sofa set. you should no by price if it is good quality or not.

Jeff Bk says:

I noticed this on the Big Lots recliner sofas also but I didn’t purchase them. They looked cheap. Ended up getting a Lazy Boy.

The Art Lady's Home says:

Help! I need more subscribers! YouTube is changing it’s revenue policy and I won’t be getting paid anymore! I need 1000 subscribers fast! Thank you in advance, this income helps make up for my low Florida teacher pay!!! Also check out my kids channel “The Art Lady Channel”. Thank you!

George Saunders says:

Bag of shit cost about $1000 not worth $400

Jan Corn says:

How is Flex Steel? Is it good?

George Saunders says:

Restuffing my dear wont work there trying it in im a upholsterer of 40 years its a bad designe

michelle tack says:

It looks cheap. A good sofa is mores than 10k. By the way, always buy from the shop owner and avoid big chain shops at all costs, you will get better service and likely they will amend small problems like the frame hitting your behind.

Patrick bennett` says:

thank you ,,, worst couch ive seen and wont buy

Rhonda Simmons says:

I made he same mistake. I bought one and had it delivered yesterday. My dogs legs immediately feel between it and so did my hand. The gap I have is even bigger but they are between the seat also. I called today and they said that they would return and give me a full return and not charge me a re-stocking fee. I was impressed with that. I did email them and told them they should not be selling a sofa that a child or pet could be injured in. I think that was reason they returned it without charging me a re-stocking fee. I was lucky I got good person on the phone to return it. You should contact the BBB to see if they will help you at least get some money back due to that fact they can be injured.

Dyan says:

no idea why the negative comments. Move on trolls. this is clearly wrong and you have every right to be pissed off. I would lose it. it’s like selling someone a car without all the parts and it’s their fault for buying chinese. smh. what is the brand, though? out these ppl.

Lennard Villasenor says:

buyer beware.

Jeff C says:

What kind of a store would boot take this piece of shit back??

DedifferentiatedPeen says:

So much cheap junk out there makes me hesitant to buy anything ever. Good furniture costs a several thousand dollars, I get that. Not everyone is ready to spend that much money. It’s not even always a question of affordability but application and permanence; there’s no reason to buy a $5000-$10,000 couch for the basement or your bachelor pad or a rental while you save up for a house. Something in the $1000-$2000 range should hold up for a few years and be comfortable during those years. But you can easily spend that much and get complete trash. You can easily get something that looks and feels great in the showroom and turns to mush in a few months. It’s completely dismaying. It’s not just furniture, it’s damn near everything these days. Finding products that don’t suck is a constant struggle.

cgd1125 says:

If you have a consumer reporter on your local news you should contact them. It’s worked for people in Ma. Stores hate bad publicity. What brand is the sofa? We’re looking now and it’s awful.

ron atkinson says:

you get what you pay for , Dont buy chinese

steve evans says:


Atlantic Furniture says:

Lumbar support is so important.
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American Manufacturers know what Americans like and want in Upholstery. Shop local folks the local retailers like us would tell the truth because we have to be more concerned with customer satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is imperative to our continued success. Great Video!

daffidyll says:

Oh my gosh, I have had this exact problem with mine. The board is killing me! I’ve resorted to stuffing piece of a memory foam mattress topper on top of the board but need to velcro it or something. Unfortunately, in Australia where I live I have yet to find good quality recliners anymore.

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