2018 Best Mattress Video

What is the best mattress? This video exposes the cheap materials that are being used by large mattress companies and their slick marketing tactics. They make an inferior product but spin it to the public as if it is a superior product. Plus this video exposes the Consumer Product Safety Commission and their nefarious fire retardant mattress regulations. People are now sleeping in toxic chemicals that are making people sick. Lastly, we show you what a superior mattress is made of and is made without toxic chemicals.

For more info go to http://www.buildyourownmattress.com


Brad Chang says:

Thanks for the education! Keep fighting the good fight…

A Tragedy says:

let me suggest a couple of things.. Chiropractic is not as good as they’d have you believe and can cause more severe pain after treatment than before. Years of experience has shown me that. And saying that “an elderly woman or single woman, picking up a mattress and turning it over could be a burden” is pretty sexist. I’ve seen many guys who couldn’t handle the same thing that many women have been able to do. Women are not as helpless as your observational statement assumes.and generally. you should se two to turn over the bigger mattresses anyhow. But after 13 years in the business you know that two people should do it since it can cause injury trying to balance a king mattress by yourself.

The Bed Doctor says:

Most everything he says is sad but true. I love it. Keeps me in business building great flappable beds still.

teateebird says:

Thank you for all this information. Unfortunately I did not see your video until after my last mattress purchase. I done a lot of research because I am a heavy sleeper. I have not purchased a mattress for about 10 years. So, it was important to me to find something that would be comfortable for both myself and my husband. Because of all the reviews I seen, I felt the the best bed for me would be the Dream Cloud mattress. The company is fairly new but I went with them because they offered the best warranty in comparison to some of the other big name companies. This was important to me because of the fact that I am overweight I wanted to be able to fully experience the mattress over a longer period of time. My husband is a regular sized guy (170lbs). Again it was important to me to find something that was comfortable for both of us. It’s now been 2 months that I have slept on the bed. The first month, the bed lived up to it’s name. It was a dream. Now I am in the 2nd month of owning the bed and it is already showing signs of dipping and I feel like I am sinking in bed. Needless to say, I will be returning the bed. Thanks again for the information you have shared.

Nathan Minshall says:

How convenient that this is your gimmick…..and that you make your own…just going by your teaching

David Eb says:

This is the ONLY mattress review that I believe. The rest all sound the same, all bullshit. I unfortunately purchased a S & F Lux Estate Hybrid. Cost of $3,000. I will be paying for this for 3 years. It’s hard as concrete. In theory this hybrid sounds great. However, in reality, it sleeps as comfortably as my first $200 mattress purchase in 1983. Please provide me any advice you may find helpful! Thank you so much for an honest review.

David Burlash says:

thanks for the very informative video. It was extremely well done.


They make them 12″ to 16 ” thick so you have to buy new sheets. $80 .00 for twin or standard size. Great info.
And way can’t you buy a matteress WITHOUT a stupid pillow top !!!
Chemicals!! We live in such scary times my friends. Our own government is allowing us to be poisoned for greed of money !!

GrowLLLTigeRRR says:

I really like this video. Yesterday, I was comparing Puffy and Nectar lol. I’m In the process of building a new house for the first time (I would never, never recommend that anyone ever do that btw) I have learned that door and window companies and mattress companies are the biggest scammers in the world. I work at Roanoke. When will YOU be at that store on Orange Avenue?

Jaime Loza says:

So how’s the purple matress?

Frank Morris says:

Hi Lee, Thank you very much for making this Video!!! I am a Senior on a limited budget and to say that this worth watching is an understatement!! Thank you again, for making this Video and I am on the Westcoast of Canada and as someone below commented, this is what Utube was made for!!!

Donald Cramer says:

First off, thanks for the video but I do have a few questions…
If Talalay is that expensive and/or bad, why can Botanical Bliss®
Organic Latex Mattress offer their product at only $99 more than yours? All the reviews I see shows dunlop is too firm even if its soft dunlop… The settling occurs on the bottom of the dunlop process whereas the talalay process is flash frozen and vacuum processed. Also if you used Organic New Zealand Wool that apparently is an organic option that doesn’t need a script and many others use to have an Organic mattress. So with all the extra expense of other manufactures products, why is yours still this expensive?  
For reference: https://www.plushbeds.com/Botanical-Bliss-Organic-Latex-Mattress.html

Bibi E says:

LOVE this guy! Straight talk, common sense, practical information as well as hilarious. “If the fire gets to your mattress, you’re already dead”!!!!

chrystal smith says:

kinda useless if you do not say name s waste of time

Kerry Briggs says:

Any chance of shipping overseas?

A Tragedy says:

why oh why could I not remain ignorant about mattresses and not watched this damn video. Now I am stuck looking for a mattress all over again. my chronic neck shoulder and back problems are waking me up with severe burning pains. I need something which works. HELP!!!!!!!!!

Jolita Brilliant says:

Best video ever

Helen V says:

Hi Lee, great video! I have a natural latex mattress since 1995. Its still almost like new, except the cotton blend its is falling apart. The structure and firmness still seems ok.

I have chronic backpain and need a more supportive latex mattress. Will call you.

I had some horrific experience w memory foam pillows they sent me in the ER my whole face was swollen. Due to fire retardent. Never again.

Thank you again for shining light into the abyss of slimy practices to kill us of softly w plastics and chemicals.
Thank you ❤

Steve Bailon says:

Now need some more time and money

earthbybike says:

Thank you for the most valuable information. Sadly I fear we are going to have a major problem with all the foam beds going to the dump. Plastic does not degrade. What horrible things we are doing to our environment.

devdas prabhu says:

Very good information… I am looking for same quality mattress in India.. could you suggest any? Also don’t if the same standard and regulations apply here….

RideRedRacer says:

what an awesome video. im only 30 minutes in and i learned so much. that was my main concern about these “in box” beds and how long will they last

Max Montreal says:

Do you sell in Canada, Ontario?

Jim Schmidt says:

Wow Great video!

Jay Boxer says:

Wao you are the most real men! Thanks for that long and very very detailed video!

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