Bear Hybrid Mattress Review (2018)

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Bear Hybrid Mattress Review. In this video we cover price, discounts, feel, firmness/softness, coolness and much more. In the past we’ve posted plenty of other bed in a box mattress reviews, including from Nectar, Brooklyn Bedding, Nest Bedding, and others, but we were particularly impressed with Bear Hybrid for several reasons. It does, however, have some downsides, including edge support and price (sadly). Still, we think it could make a run to be placed on our best bed in a box mattress list for the year and possible even the best hybrid mattress for the year. It’s got a lot going for it.

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Robert Preston says:

Which one do you like better the original bear or hybrid bear??? I’m a side sleeper


How does this compare to the standard Bear and would you recommend this overall for a person who dominantly sleeps on the stomach and sides for a couple ? Doing some hardcore research and help is needed ………I do like the 20 year warranty ……

JAY LEE says:

Looks like a great mattress. Hopefully they will update it with better edge support soon.

Squid Rider says:

They donate the bed so they can use it as a tax write off to cover their “loss”. xD but hey, that’s smart, no return shipping costs.

Jason Robinson says:

THANKS!!! I ended up going with the original bear, because you said it had better firmness for back support… I almost went with a Casper just because all the podcasts advertise it, but your various videos and website really helped me out… ALSO they gave me a code but I made sure I entered yours…

7106Billy says:

What pillow is that?

Free_Spirit Luv says:

Love the milk in the back drop hahaha so true to life, jus sayin; ) and thank you for this particular video because as a new shopper in need of the best fitted and priced mattress I need the tips and up untill I watched, had no idea what a hybrid mattress was hahaha so thanks!!

nutz79ful says:

Go Ducks

Eduardo Rivera says:

Can you do a Bear mattress vs T&N Mint mattress review?

Stephanie Ann Locsin Jackson says:

Wow, I would love to get one for my daughter just can’t afford.

Brent Whitson says:

why is there a gallon of milk on the headboard?

Jeremiah Holloway says:

Everyone is mentioning the gallon of milk, I can’t take my eyes off that Guinness! Awesome review, I’m currently undecided between a Bear and a Purple.

Alex G. says:

Hello, so I just tried out the Brentwood Oceano & I thought I would like it. But unfortunately I saw myself turning too much at night & having lower back pain I woke up feeling worse. I’m not knocking the Oceano, it just isn’t for me. Honestly, its my first time sleeping on a soft plush mattress. I have slept on firmer mattresses before & didn’t toss & turn much at night. I just thought I’d give this type of mattress a try I guess I was wrong thinking I would like it. So, my question is….will this Bear model be firmer than the Oceano or will it also have that heavy sink feeling? Also, out of Bear, Avocado & Saatva, which is firmer without the sink feeling and out of the 3 which would you recommend for stomach and side sleepers? Ty :D1 second ago•

Nomadic Vet says:

Foam is cheap to make companies are selling foam beds for really expensive and foam sucks you will sink and leave indentations

Amanda Russo says:

My boyfriend and I are struggling to choose which one. We laid on both and loved them.

Kragthor says:

Stay away from this bed it has too much sinkage. It has caused me and my wife nothing but pain.

Nischint Ramesh says:

Is the original bear mattress cooler and firmer than the hybrid?

Kassidy Sparks says:

I’ve been thinking about getting this mattress, I am a back/side sleeper and have back pain because my current mattresses won’t curve to my back. I also workout 6 days out of the week. Do you think this mattress would be a good fit for me?

Chris P says:

Does it sleep as cool as the original bear mattress?

Alexander Ellinburg says:

I’m looking into getting either the original bear or bear hybrid, what kind of foundation is recommended for this bed? I know they have their own for sale on the websight but I’ve been looking at others as well.

Richard Murdoch says:

Been looking for a new bed and have been thinking of one of these. So I watched all your reviews and others and am leaning towards this brand & model. Like the 20 year warranty and if not satisfied you get 100% of your money back and they give it to charity. Which leaves one question for you……what is up with the gallon of milk ?

mark molina says:

I watched this again and just noticed the milk. LOL

Molly Kaufman says:

How tall is the mattress? Trying to figure out if i want to get raisers or not

Edgardo Aponte Jr. says:

that milk had 2% of my attention

TJ says:

Wish I had watched this before purchasing the original Bear which I hate.

Cole Dupuis says:

So is the hybrid better then the original

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