Best Mattress For Side Sleepers & Pressure Points Relief (TOP 9 BEDS!)

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Best Mattress For Side Sleepers & Pressure Points Relief (TOP 9 BEDS!). In this video, Valerie covers our picks for the best beds for side sleepers and best beds for pressure relief. Some of the topics she discusses include how soft/firm each bed in a box mattress is as well as the amount of pressure relief each bed provides for sleepers hips and shoulders. Other areas of discussion include various types of mattress construction, including memory foam, innerspring, latex foam and more. Some of these mattress in a box options might land on the list for Best Soft Mattress 2018 or Best Mattress For Hip Pain 2018. Thanks for watching.

Link To Full Best Mattress For Side Sleepers List: Coming Soon

Link To Full Brentwood Oceano Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Nest Alexander Hybrid Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Casper Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Layla Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Nolah Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Novosbed Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Purple Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Sealy Kelburn Mattress Review: Coming Soon

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Axiom Inquirer CCC says:


Brandi Hughes says:

So helpful! Thank you!

Kelly Vidana says:

Great video, very informative thanks!!!!!!



Kenneth Hensel says:

Nest Alexander Hybrid. Big guy, side sleeper!

AJ H says:

Layla, love the lifetime warranty

Bob Ossewaarde says:

I really tried to keep an open mind but nothing but the purple jumped out at me. That squishy stuff just looks so cool.

Kenneth Roman says:

Brentwood Oceano for the win on this one. For myself a heavy side/combo sleeper this is the best bed in my opinion.

Patrick Haynes says:

I’m still digging the Nest Alexander Hybrid. I’m a side sleeper so all of these look great.

LifeUnBoxed says:

You should also suggest what pillow is best placing between your legs to spoon with while side sleeping. So comfy!

valvesucker says:

I think I’d like the Nest Alexander Hybrid, I like the hybrid concept.

misneachail says:

The Nest Alexander Hybrid looks amazing! How is it for hot sleepers?

Blake Waddell says:

I’m going to say 2 complete opposite ends of the spectrum… purple 4 or zinus because of price!

reeper2363 says:

Which Bed Is Softer Beautyrest Natasha Black Plush Or Purple 4? I’m a Side Sleeper @ 130 lbs.

Lucas Meredith says:

Jeff had already sold me on the Purple. It’s going to be hard to change my mind until I physically find a reason not to.

Whaley Ocean says:

Casper because the foam has great support for pressure points on the spine

Jennifer Wood says:

Brentwood Oceano, great warranty

Debbie Warren says:

Good info. Would love to see more on latex beds

SissyWise says:

The Brentwood sounds like the best option for my husband and I, but it’s kind of pricey.

Cale Krogman says:

Either Tuft and Needle because it is so affordable and looks to be good for side support, or Purple. I’m really stuck on Purple but hope I’m not one of the people who happens to hate it. I have a mattress firm near by, I’ll have to see if they have one to try.

Alex K says:

what do you classify as heavy? I have terrible shoulder and hip pain. I’m a side sleeper…. I’m 260lbs.

Tanner Immel says:

I am 6’0ft 235 lbs male and I am a strick side sleeper and I have a budget of $800 and am willing to spend to $1000 and I love plush mattresses what do you think. I’m looking at Nolah or purple originals what do you think.

Mignificento says:

What’s recommended for a person 5’6″ 160 lbs and spondylolyasis? I have sciatica pain and multiple points on my spine including my neck have issues. I am a side sleeper

Brandi Hughes says:

I think from this list… the Nest Alexander would be my pick of the best. I’m a side sleeper, my husband is quite large & also a side sleeper. I think the bed may be ideal for both of us

Bradley Graf says:

Even though I’m not a side sleeper, I would probably go with the Alexander hybrid. I always enjoy coils, and I could just get a firmer option

taylor lupa says:

Purple is the best in all categories!

DeShon Rosado says:

Brentwood sounds like the winner in this one. I wonder where Bear Hybrid fits in this category.

Billy Ellison says:

Hey RIZKNOWS, I have a kind of off topic question. I am pretty athletic so I wear my athletic shoes with my jeans and shorts but my wife says that is a no go. I am wondering what kind of casual shoe you can recommend. I am really looking for something that could be an all around shoe and used for casual wearing but also walking and training. Thank you in advance.

Samuel Morrow says:

Well I may be currently in my 100 day trial of the nest Alexander hybrid and me and my wife both sleep on our sides most of the time and we both absolutely love it

ewetoob blowes says:

All latex for me. And it lasts long. Bed industry is a self fulfilling failure.

jeromy ross says:

Nest Alexander hybrid because of higher weight limit and coils. Plus universal.

Reddit ARTC says:

Omg a series of bed reviews.

Niraj Bhavar says:

Flippable matters Layla. It is not that costly also I’m not that a big guy. I’m also not a side sleepers but I prefer layla

ClayDaddy5 says:

Nest Alexander. It just looks and apparently feels very premium.

Cesar Perez says:

Helpful video. My wife is a strict side sleeper while I’m more of a combo. She is petite and way lighter than me so I think Purple 4 might be perfect.

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