How to Buy the Best Mattress for Back Pain Relief

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Lying on a bed can often make back pain worse. But while many mattresses offer back pain relief, not all of them can be perfect for you. Find which one is best.

Step 1: Check out coil count
Check the arrangement and the coil counts; a higher concentration and gauge indicate better quality. Mattress depths alone, ranging from 7 to 18 inches, may supply enough comfort depending on the severity of back pain.

Step 2: Choose foundation
Choose a foundation for innerspring mattresses that combines comfort with support. A medium-firm mattress on a good spring foundation allows the shoulders and hips to rest. If too firm, thicker top padding will add some softness.

Step 3: Get the best
Look for the right support mattress from a reputable store, instead of risking more pain with a cheap alternative. Test friends’ beds first to get an idea what firmness you like and need.

Remember that “firm” is a relative term. All bed and furniture stores use the term loosely. Test each mattress yourself to see if it’s firm enough for you.

Step 4: Buy foam
Buy a visco memory foam mattress, which conforms to the body’s shape to support weight and the contours of the back. Shop for the density that suits best.

Step 5: Use futon
Use a futon mattress for lower back pain. If used on the floor or a wooden frame, joint pain could be aggravated, so use with caution.

Did You Know?
Back pain is the most common medical problem in the U.S. 80 percent of Americans experience it at some point in their lives.


James Briggs says:

I absolutely love this back pain guide, search Google “fetching loni”. It considerably relieved my serious back pain induced by a prior injury. However it helps me to position on my side or back that helps relieve some of the spasms. .

Deepti Jha says:

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grayboo212 says:

i got firm at :53. thanks!

Marcia Lawson says:

Ever Since I used this back pain guide, “fetching loni” (Google it), I found good developments on my back. That`s truly a great deal to me because I have tried many, many guidelines and also my back still painful after each a different one. I was amazed my back was much better. I`m wishing this alleviation would last!.

busybody1 says: back pain??
when you lie on your mattress either on your side or your back, your hips sink lowest because it’s heaviest part of your body. this zone needs to be firmest in your mattress, to properly support the extra weight of your torso.
my latex mattress was $4200, it is only comfortable because of THIS SOLUTION:
find the MATTRESS GENIE on youtube and purchase one.
do not place it at the head of your bed, instead use it as adjustable lumbar!
place it directly under the hip/lower back area, lie on your mattress and begin inflating, you will notice an immediate improvement once you adjust it properly. (you may need to slide it a bit forward or backward to find the correct placement.

Deepti Jha says:

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MrReasonablethinker says:

I would – but it’s such a PAIN to go up to the attic every night, hot in the summer, cold in the winter, long way down for a glass of water or to pee.



Dunlop latex on top of a good foam core will beat them all! Springs are on the way out…finally.

Hugh Mungus says:

get temper-pedic

Mike Blarney says:

I just bought a new bed set.i woke up all my limbs were asleep “( i need a softer matress i think. Another 700$!

0reaver01 says:

i like a good firm bed i wake up 6 hours later straight out of bed feeling refreshed. On a soft bed does the opposite it makes me feel sluggish and batterd and feel half asleep for hours after waking up.

Back Pain Solutions says:

Its worth spending on a mattress just think how long you use it. I agree with memory foam also it has been hugely beneficial to me

MrReasonablethinker says:

And it’s misspelled!

ShittyGoogle+ says:

No pain with this girl on any bed !

sudhir kushwah says:

Corfom is best mattress

Frances J. Wood says:

I’ve suffered from back pain for a long time until learned a amazing cure.

glennstevenjones says:

step 1: let me just slice your matress open in the store while i check your coil arrangement.

berkinbuoy says:

@DickHead69able Your user name really seems to describe your personality perfectly!

g1981c says:

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Joan W. Torres says:

To tell the truth, only folks with the very least understanding of back pain are the sufferers themselves. Should you desire to turn your life around, save your time and effort, steer clear from the traditional health care suggestions.

mills smith says:

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Cris_Cringle says:

80% of the U.S. has back problems because they also like marijuana and prescription pills.

Luz Castro says:

Used this back pain guidebook, “fetching loni” (Google it) 2 days ago and already experiencing the difference. This is a strongly suggested option to keep lower back pain from going back. As I had believed, it achieved my expectation. This works naturally and gives the desired relief even though I made use of it just recently..

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Zachary Maneja says:

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MrReasonablethinker says:

Obviously proper grammar is out for you too.

Machi74005 says:

@ThomasisaMAN I agree. I’ve had one for 7 years and love it. I’ll never go back to the orthopedic torture chambers known as inner spring mattresses.

Clashof Gems says:

There аrе a lоt оf other reasons whу ѕресiаliѕtѕ recommend mеmоrу fоаm mattresses аnd реорlе соnѕidеr thеm to bе an investment wоrth mаking, but wе believe thе above criteria ѕhоuld bе еnоugh tо help уоu mаkе uр уоur mind.

dwight baldwin says:

It is actually a LOWER gauge coil that indicates a better coil, not a HIGHER gauge as mistakenly stated in video.


Stop fucking so much and that will releive your back pain!!!


Ridiculous!  Almost everything in this video is incorrect

cutiesoprano18 says:

man so i guess my bed where u can feel the coils wont b too good mabye i should get a new one soon for My back problems

MuslimNinjaAssassin says:

I bought a 300 dollar mattress… Bad Idea Am all Really starting to feel the coils now. 

Shopping Point Sale says:

good brand and service is very good

Asaduzzaman Pavel says:

i am watching watching this video while i am in back pain

Make-Up Corner says:

Hey! I just setup a gofundme account to help raise money for a serious back issue. I would appreciate it if you took out time to check it out!

Jude Green says:

I find an areobed it’s an air mattress and I tell you it’s the best on to have sleep and my back feels better

berkinbuoy says:

Water beds are the best for this kind of pain.

shimanchunutakara says:

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DickHead69able says:

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