Inofia Queen Hybrid Spring/Foam Mattress Review

Budget grade, expands fast, springy, top layer not substantial, a bit noisy. Amazon Affiliate Product Link:

The mattress comes flat packed and rolled inside a box, but still weighs over 50 lbs. The product label on the mattress states that it has a 100 night trial period and 2 year guarantee. Just above the label you’ll find a letter opener that will help you unwrap the mattress. Once you cut the plastic wrap off, it will pop open and expand very quickly. The full height of the mattress is 7” with 2” for the foam top layer and 5” on the bottom. You’ll notice that this mattress compresses really easily if you apply pressure in one spot, and sitting on the edge causes it to compress nearly fully. The mattress also has a ton of bounce to it. On the bottom of the mattress are rubber nubs to help it grip your box spring, but that also means the mattress isn’t reversible so you can’t flip it over if it starts to sag. On top, the pillow layer is soft to the touch and cushy. But it’s also thin enough to feel each spring if you push down on it. The foam used in the pillow top isn’t memory foam as no imprint is left after pressing into it. The springs tend to compress easily under pressure if it’s concentrated in one spot for example from standing on the bed.

Since I weigh 125 lbs, when I lay down on the mattress and spread out, I don’t tend to sink in that much because my weight is distributed. I can still sense the springs through the topper so the pressure is uneven on different parts of my body. I assume for folks that weigh more than me, the sense of the springs would be even more noticeable. After sleeping on it a bunch of times, I can say that I didn’t wake up sore, which sometimes happens on overly soft mattresses. But I’m a back sleeper, and I don’t tend to move around a lot once I fall asleep. I could see where the mattress might make a lot of noise or be too springy if you roll around a lot at night. While it’s not my favorite mattress, it’s certainly serviceable, maybe good for a guest room or for kids. It all depends on your sleep habits and personal preference, for example, whether or not you like a squishy mattress.

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