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This is not a sponsored video! We purchased Natalie a new twin bed off of Amazon (all pieces, mattress, frame, & headboard!) – and I wanted to do a review sharing the process of unboxing the mattress and showing what it looked like after it had time to “pop up”! This was a cool idea for a mattress that I had been thinking of trying for some time, so I’ll let you know how it holds up!

The cost of these is about a third of a traditional mattress delivered from a store! We purchased mattresses previously from Macy’s & Slumberland (big box mattress store) – so I’m going to be interested to see how this compared! The LinenSpa 8″ Memory Foam & Spring Mattress came rolled up and compressed in a box – it was delivered to our door by UPS! The cost at the time I purchased the mattress was $94.

Link to the LinenSpa mattress we purchased on Amazon:

Her frame, headboard & mattress are all from Amazon. Mattress protector & bedskirt were both from Amazon. Bedspread is from Olive Kids. Pillow from HomeGoods.

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** This is not a sponsored video. All opinions are my own.

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Jaclyn lockwood says:

That’s so funny I just recently discovered the hybrid mattress. I think it’s so cool how it can actually fold like that! 🙂

Kar-Lyn Scholz says:

Oh my goodness look at her curly hair! Love it!

Kari - Little M.I.ssouri Momma says:

We got the same mattress for my Kiddo, and he LOVES it! He hated sleeping on his old mattress, but now he can’t wait to go to bed at night – and he falls asleep so quickly now! It was seriously the best investment I could have made for his room, and it was kind of a spur-of-the-moment thing (I’d researched them the week before Prime Day, decided on this mattress, then checked on Prime Day and it went down about $20 – YES PLEASE!). 🙂 I’m actually thinking about getting the same mattress in a bigger size for my husband and I.

Also, I am so sorry that I took over your comment section, but I’m a huge fan of this mattress – it’s made my life so much easier. My child is actually sleeping! I’m not dealing with a tired, cranky 5-year-old every day (just most days 😛 xD)!

Val Victoria Nelson says:

Natalie I like your new bed!

Dana Lamb says:

I am glad you did this video! We NEED new twin mattresses for our girls too and we have debated on this. Please keep us posted on what your daughter and you think of it after you’ve had it for a little while, I am very interested in your thoughts.

J JPFamilymom says:

Wow! neat, I saw another vlogger open a bed like that, but they didn’t describe it, good to know for the future.

Cindy says:

Looks great!! It was fun watching it get unpacked and expanding, lol. Very cool !

Jennifer Bernett says:

Both of my boys have that mattress! It’s a great deal and seems to be quite comfortable.

Jen _HisWife says:

Was hoping you’d do a review and unboxing of this! I saw your IG story & couldn’t wait. Thanks for sharing!!


Hi Di! Since the change of bed was due to space wouldn’t it be better to turn the bed and place it next to the window? Just my opinion but i think she would get more play area.

Adele Oates says:

I’m in love with the bed it’s sp cute. me and my little boy theo who’s the same age as Natalie love watching your videos and he loved seeing the mattress pop up. thanks for another great video we’re trying to get through all your videos we love your disney videos especially the cruise ones x

Stacey-mommy magic P. says:

That is the neatest mattress I’ve ever seen. Riley needs a new mattress, is there a weight limit?

tuttle Tice says:

We have the same mattress from Amazon also for our 6 year old son . It is really a great one . He loves it

Maegan McDonald says:

Am I the only one obsessed with Natalie’s hair? Hope she enjoys her new bed(:

Reborninlondonuk Phillpot says:

I think u could have played mission impossible tune when doing that I thought it was going to jump up and attack dan I could see him jumping back and going ah,

Focus Dopis says:

all i could picture was national lampoon’s christmas vacation when they bring the giant christmas tree in and cut the rope and it just explodes all over the living room lol – cool mattress!

Fiona Rickman says:

Glad she seems to like it so much! 🙂

Tiffany J says:

I bought my son’s twin from Amazon and it came just like that. I almost got this one but I went with a different one that also had good reviews.

Amanda Rochon says:

that’s so cool 🙂 neat

melissa1224jax says:

We have a full and queen snd it is super comfortable.

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