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Consumer Reports’ tests mattresses for durability, support and comfort. This guide will help you choose among innerspring, memory foam, hybrid and even organic mattresses.

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A gm says:

Excellent! Thank you CU.

jeffinillinois says:

Haven’t found ONE that has held up. Gone through around a dozen different models and different companies, The Three S’s, Tempurpedic and so on. All JUNK! Not even going to try a bed in a box!

Balto D says:

You guys said you tested the wear and tear to simulate 8 years of use…. where is that data? I want to know which brands tend to hold up the best.

allan knight says:

Bullshit. Memory foam mattresses loose their shape and sink down

D.E.B. B says:

Bottom line is that comfort of mattresses is completely subjective. What one person loves, another will hate. The only way is to take your pillow, and your blanket, and go to the bed stores and try out the mattresses. For hours. That’s the only way. The last two mattresses I purchased, both bed stores let us spend a day on the mattresses. Me? Both of my past two, were Stearns & Foster, the most recent one is a dual pillow top (both top and bottom so you can flip it). An option can be a ‘topper’, a separate soft foamy type that goes on top of a normal mattress. Now go an try out some mattresses, and don’t expect what other people think is perfect, to be what you do.

lulu I says:

I hate mattresses that you can’t flip. Gold Bond matress co. is the best.

Selvyn C. says:

Buying a mattress is worse than buying a car.

M C says:

Why is one of the names on the mattress blurred out?

Tom Olofsson says:

Really nice intro to mattresses.

WesSuperman says:

What about gel beds like intellibed or purple?

Jahman Borneo says:

Never. Ever. Buy from Mattress Firm. Total filth. Finance a fucking bed? Nah dawg. Amazon. delivered to my home.

123bigred says:

I purchased mine from amazon it was 320 on sale 80 dollars off!!..its a coil springs with memory foam on top….It look and sleeps GREAT!!zinuis brand

Sue Geren says:

Stay away from Baron pillowtop mattresses, Falling apart from the seams after less than 2 yrs of use, They will not honor there 10 yr warranty!

LakhTek says:

Appreciate all you do here to inform us to make a better informed purchase.
Question: Do CR recommend Casper mattress. I read about it and am leaning towards buying one. Just want CR approval. Pls reply. Thanks.

Roman O says:

Do not ever buy a mattress if company do not offer returns. Everyone’s back is different and it’s very subjective term “comfortable mattress”. If you are comfortable on what you were sleeping, do not buy into the hype. Also there are many mattress manufactures who will sell you mattress directly and will save you thousands of dollars. Costco is a good place to go too if you are not too picky.

Lone Wolf says:

Can’t take your voice.

ARCH. M says:

i bought my first mattress last year and I’m disappointed with it
its softness is gone in 1 week if you lay on one side of the bed, now each week i lay on the left side/middle/right side

computermech says:

I spent thousands of dollars on buying mattresses and then re-selling
them within weeks dirt cheap. Then I tried air mattress with built in
pump. Voila. Costs 1 tenth and you can adjust the stiffness. No back

Blue Bubble says:

Thank you so much!!! I was looking at the purple mattress but after watching some more videos I didn’t want it. But this clears it up so much!

Serious SpaceParty says:

Best to buy a futon that is made out of wool…that way you don’t need to have stupid flame retardants on it.

Tim Goodness says:

Tell us about the chemicals used in the mattress and how those chemicals leach out.

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