Nectar vs Purple Mattress Review (New 2018 Updated)

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➡ Nectar: ($125 Off + Free Pillows)

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Nectar vs Purple Mattress Review (New 2018 Updated). In this video, Jeff covers what you need to know about Purple vs Nectar comparison. Purple offers four different mattress models, all of which are very unique in that they have hyper-elastic polymer as their top layers. Hyper-elastic polymer is very flexible, responsive and soft yet also very supportive. On the other hand, the Nectar mattress in a box has a a dense memory foam feel. It’s very comfortable and it’s also much more affordable than the Purple beds. Overall, we like both mattresses. We’ll see where they land on the list for Best Memory Foam Mattress 2018 or Best Online Mattress 2018. Thanks for watching.

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A D says:

Just placed my order using your link… Thanks for the great review.

Willie Lauderdale says:

Purple 4 is the way to go

Daniel a says:

Hope I can win a purple mattress to try it out. Looks cool.

Fialka Wolfblade says:

I have been looking into getting a purple bed because every bed I have had has messed up my back. Getting out of bed is horrible. The guy I am seeing can’t even sleep on my bed :’( that is how bad my bed is! Help me!!

John Harvey says:

I have to sell to people who hate both these silly products and wish they never bought them.

watagump1 says:

The most I have ever spent on a mattress is $1000, never again. I sleep just as well on my last buy at $500, might even go for a Costco model at $399 next time.

Chris Boyts says:

Thank you for clarifying between the new purple mattresses. I made the mistake of getting the purple 2, because it was the most affordable monthly. I am not a back sleeper and will probably need the 3 or 4 instead. Is there anyway you could do a comparison against name brand beds and purple? Ex. Beauty rest, temperpedic? Or at least against a European type top?

Deborah redenius says:

Think I would choose purple

M W says:

Great review – we’re in the market for these two products and this was a great point by point comparison.

Goozzy says:


Greg Stine says:

I had read reviews and after a yr these beds turn into junk, blah.


I want purple

Mark Thompson says:

I have a Nector and I would say that’s it is just an OK mattress, for the first 6 months it was really good but then it felt like it just gave up on me and started giving me lower back pain.Would really like to try the Purple one day and see if it does relieve my back back pain, and also what do think about Dream Cloud,keep up with the good and unbiased videos thank you for that.

Lina Thiem says:

After watching your reviews I bought a Layla and my roommate got a nectar. As much as I love my bed, I love my roommates nectar a lot more. I recommend the nectar to everyone looking for a memory foam bed. Can’t beat the price for the quality.
Hopefully I can win a nectar or even better a purple 4! 🙂

Logan Jones says:

I bought the original purple in the spring of 2018 and I absolutely love it in every way. Instead of a free pillow, I got free sheets.

The sheets arrived the next day and completely changed the bed. Anyone I tell about it, I tell them you just have to get the sheets. You will not experience it they way you should any other way.

Christian says:


Donna Lazarus says:

Tried Nectar & loved it except it sleeps hot. Thought the edge support was okay. Would like to try the original purple because of price but hope I won’t feel like I’m rolling off.

Vipershock 2 says:

Nectar or Purple

Krista Purser says:

I really like your review, if you I get the give away can I have the purple 3 or 4 because I like the softness and I could use the air flow to keep me cool. Chemo is making my body so hot all of the time. Thank You for the review. You did an awesome job.

Rick Deacon says:

Would love to have a purple mattress. I think it would get rid of this damn lower back pain. Does it come with Goldilocks? lol

jacob barlieb says:

Army vet just got out about a week ago. I have chronic lower back pain and still cant figure out what would be best for me. Purple looks great but expensive anyway I love your videos gonna keep watching to figure out what’s best thx guys!! Hope I win could help tonz

Jennifer Clements says:

Yeah Purple

EpicUniverse says:

Why not nectar with a purple cover?

tr3prom says:

What’s the best mattress for drunk sleepers?

Kim Casey says:

Knew about Purple; Nectar new. Thanks for the comparison! Very thorough and appreciated the “made in China” reference.

Tyler Dondero says:

I’d like to see a video on purple 4!

Beauty And The Vape says:

I would love to win a purple 2 in a giveaway! I am less than 5 feet tall and 100 lbs and my fiancee is almost 7 feet and almost 400 lbs. We can never find a bed for both of us and our bed is over 15 years old

Venom_AD says:

I appreciate this review and the work you guys did. Very honest and very informative. I do have a question, I weigh 270, would I be okay with the original purple mattress?

Deborah redenius says:

Neighbor just purchased one how I heard about it

Jonathan Clark says:

Thinking of going with Nectar. Is there any stores that have them available to try out?

Tonya Griff says:

That hyper elastic polymer looks so cool

j gg says:

Really need a purple 3 or 4.

Deborah redenius says:


Adam Christensen says:


Gary Poole says:

Really want a purple but not sure if I want to pay that much. Would Casper be a good option?

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