New Purple Mattress Review 2018 – Purple 2, 3, 4 Deep Dive!

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The New Purple Mattress of 2018 is actually three mattresses, Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4 (plus the original Purple). The big difference with these new Purple mattresses is that they are a hybrid – meaning they have springs now as well as Purple’s unique Smart Comfort Grid™. Purple 2, 3, 4 all have similar constructions, different firmnesses and price points.

In this video I look primarily at the Purple 3, but throw in a dash of Purple 2 and Purple 4 as well. Keep an eye out for my full New Purple Mattress comparison, which will compare Purple 2, Purple 3, Purple 4, and the original Purple mattress!

The Purple 2,3,4 construction consists of:
Cover – The cover is built with a polyester and spandex blend, making for a material that’s thick, stretchy and breathable.

Comfort Layer – The comfort layer is made up of the brand’s Smart Comfort Grid™, which is composed of a hyperelastic material that adapts to your body in real time. While all three versions of the New Purple feature this grid, the thickness varies depending on the number attached to the name. So, the P3 has three inches of the stuff while the P2 boasts two and the P4—you guessed it!—has four. Regardless of how much each mattress has, the temperature neutral material provides immediate pressure relief and pleasant body contouring. I should note that the grid is surrounded by a layer of foam edge support, which gives this section some structure and allows you to use the entire surface area of the mattress.

Transition Layer – A thin layer of polyurethane foam separates the soft comfort layer from the pocketed coil system below. The main function of this section is to transition the sleeper between the different materials.

Support Layer – The support layer is comprised of 7.5” of responsive coils. These bad boys are individually wrapped, so they’re not only going to provide support to the sleeper, but they’re also going to be excellent at isolating motion. Additionally, the pocketed coil system works to extend the pressure relief of the top comfort layer throughout the entire structure. The combination of this support system with the polymer grid makes for an extremely bouncy mattress, which will prevent you from feeling stuck. A 4” layer of high-density poly foam edge support (6” if you decide to go with a King) surrounding this section will also help lift you up and out of the structure.

Foundation Layer – The base is made up of a thin layer of high-density poly foam, functioning mainly as a springboard for the pocketed coil system above.

The Original Purple v. the New Purple – As I mentioned up top, one of the biggest changes in the New Purple is its hybrid design. The inclusion of pocketed coils here creates an overall bouncier structure than its predecessor, which helps to lift the sleeper up and out of the bed. The addition of edge support also helps to create more stability as it prevents deep compression at the sides of the bed.

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Gabriel Torres says:

I’m considering getting a purple mattress. Is there a noticeable difference between the original purple and the new Purple 2″? Would you say its worth the extra money?

Yippie says:

Yummy, chemicals and odd white powder.

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