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GoodBed’s ‘plain English’ explanation of Sealy’s full line of mattresses for 2017 and 2018, including available Sealy Posturepedic options…

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Time Chapter
0:04 Introduction
0:43 Posturepedic Technology
2:24 Product Line Overview
4:27 Sealy Response Essentials
5:39 Sealy Response Performance
9:49 Sealy Response Premium
10:56 Sealy Conform Essentials
12:56 Sealy Conform Performance
15:16 Sealy Conform Premium
17:23 Sealy Hybrid
19:17 Final Thoughts

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Sealy’s mattress lineup for 2017 and 2018 includes 3 product lines: Response (comfort foams over spring support core), Conform (premium comfort foams over foam support core), and Hybrid (premium comfort foams over premium spring support core). Within each product line there are multiple collections available, including Essentials (entry level), Performance (mid level), and Premium (top of the line). Each of the Sealy product lines and collections contain mattresses with Posturepedic Technology, which is a class of features designed to provide added support underneath the hips. Be aware that no Sealy dealer will have all of the available options on display in their store, however this video walks through the full Sealy range to make sure you find the best option for you.

From a construction perspective, the Sealy lineup offers a diverse selection. Innerspring mattresses utilize pocketed coils at the higher-end (with two rows of firmer coils for edge support), and connected coils at the entry level. Various comfort foams are used across the lineup, with higher-end models featuring greater amounts of gel memory foam. The highest-end Sealy models include temperature-neutral “phase change” materials, designed to keep you cooler at night.

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Ashish Mathur says:

Your videos are extremely helpful. I am looking for a mattress to help me in my back pain(SI joint pain) and I would appreciate if you can help. My preference would be go to store to look for a mattress though I’m looking at online options too. Till now I’ve looked sealy posturepedic and beautyrest. I generally don’t like memory foam because of the sinking feeling so I’m looking at some latex mattress options too like zenhaven, avacodo. My budget is $1500 though I can push it to 2k for a really good mattress. I am around 210lb . 5’9”. What would you suggest. Thanks!

anthony topps says:

You have the best video’s

Jimmy Pearson says:

What do you think of sealy’s  crown Geneva ruby firm mattress? Am considering the Zenhaven mattress but do not know if it is worth the extra cost please advise.

Jon Clouse says:


DD FriscoTX says:

Heck, we have had our $1500 Sealy for a year and it’s defective. All of the pillowtop is bunched in the middle. Two different people from Nebraska Furniture Mart came out to take measurements and because it didn’t meet Sealy’s 1.5 inch indentation policy. (Ours was 1 inch and we cannot sleep in the bed after one year.) Both men that came to look at it were clearly able to see the issue and Sealy won’t replace it and Nebraska Furniture Mart will only ‘talk’ to Sealy after complaining to their customer service three times. I would gladly bring this defective mattress back to Sealy if their manufacturing plant was closer. We have now paid $1,500 for a mattress that we cannot sleep on that is only a year old. This is our last Sealy ever. Your dogs might like it, we can’t sleep on it, nor could we give this thing away!!!!!

Jamie Pool says:

Thanks for the videos.  Do you have any thoughts on the Sealy Hybrid Posturepedic Cooper II Plush mattress?

kaela1491 says:

Thank you for your videos. I am here because I sell mattresses, and I am always in search for ways to explain products. It is hard for me to simplify specs in a way that reaches people. You have been a great help!

love cuba says:

Hi there could you please let me know what you think of the Sealy Posturepedic Performance Kingsmill Pillow-Top Plush mattress? been having problems with hips while sleeping

J. Elizabeth says:

Hi! What is the life span of the plush line of posturepedic products? Thank you~

Ryder Strong says:

Great vid thanks!

Shoshanah Shear says:

Thanks for a great, informative video.
As an occupational therapist, I have worked in back rehab and am now involved in health and wellness. Being able to attain a good nights rest in terms of both quality and quantity is important for daily function. Finding the right bed is very much a part of that.

Peggy A says:

Hi I have an old 2005 manufactured King Size 15″ great condition Sealy Crown Jewel Pisano. I also have a Tempurpedic Supreme Cloud mfg in Sept 2014 purchased 2015. (11.5″ thick) The tempurpedic was too soft for my husband. What is the better bed I’m starting to think Tempurpedic is alot of hype… what is the better quality in your opinion. I hate to trash to Sealy.

Karen Bullard says:

Are you going to be showing the AmeriSleep mattress?

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