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Unbox Mattress went to Purple headquarters in Alpine, Utah to test out the new Purple bed.

There are 3 new Purple mattresses: Purple 2, Purple 3, and Purple 4. The number corresponds to how much purple stuff is on top.

Purple 4 is like double stuff because instead of the original 2 inches, it has 4 inches of polymer. Purple 3 is a bestseller, it’s the middle option and has 3 inches of purple.

After a successful test in Mattress Firm stores, Purple launched three luxury beds that compete more on retail prices and standards. You get in home set up included in the price – plus they’ll take away your old mattress. Same 100 day trial, warranty and return policy.

These are hybrid mattresses with springs, plus edge support foam and a new cover design that’s thicker. You can still feel the grid through the mattress cover, it’s just not as pronounced.

The new purple mattresses work with all of the on Purple brand products such as sheets, powerbase, regular base and mattress protector.

They say they plan to keep the original Purple bed so don’t worry if you love it, it’s not going away! See the new Purple mattress featured in Techcrunch and Men’s Health.

Purple has the best hybrid mattress in a box!

This is not a paid review and we received no compensation for it. The trip and any expenses, equipment, etc., was paid for by us.

Read our full new Purple mattress review here:


AmpEdition says:

Beds with metal coils over time sag, especially if that person is 200+

Jared Williams says:

I was so mad. I ordered my mattress early January and the sales lady said nothing about these new models.

Logan Johnson says:

Purple spent how much time and money dissing coils? And now they USE coils? What an absolute joke.

Jeff F says:

Does the 100 day trial also apply to the purple beds sold by Sam’s club?

Mr Home Loans says:

Get a chance to try the 4”? I have the original and it’s the best side sleeping mattress I’ve had but I still have pressure points and have to sleep on an angle between side and back (wide shouldered weight lifter). Curious if the 4 would finally allow me to sleep on my side fully…

Laura Atkocius says:

So when are you going to make mattress toppers?

loopba says:

such nonsense, trying to charge 250% for the bed and losing all of the benefits of direct to consumer

3nglish Elusive says:

i can tell the host would not let me have my way… good God

MJ says:

Where in Utah is the purple headquarters located? Not sure Google is pulling up the right address, and I really want to test these mattresses out!. 🙂

John Sweet says:

I’m thinking about buying the Purple 3 or 4 and was hoping you could give me some insight.  I have the original Purple but at 235 lbs. I need a little more Cushioning  before bottoming out.   I also love the fact Purple went with springs now as I love that feel.  I normally sleep on my side but do change around some to stomach and back.  My main concern is when I’m on my stomach will it support me enough?  Did you try the 3?  My wife is around 150 to 160lbs and she would love a water bed but I cant do that.  Do you think the 4 may be too soft. Obviously  Purple would love to sell all 4’s but my guess is the 3 may be better for me?  I hope you can help with your experience.  Thanks!

JD Anderson says:

Isn’t this the mattes that has microscopic plastic powder all over them that comes out while you sleep? I don’t think it’s good to breath plastic dust. Look it up on YouTube….

bushkey says:

so, the industry was getting away from coil spring mattresses do to the rapid breakdown and sag issues. Why should I trust that the new purple mattresses coils wont break down and create sag points after a couple years like all the coil mattresses I have owned in the past. Why didn’t Purple just add taller elastomer layer and different layers of different density foam? Why ruin a good thing with metal coils? these would be the questions I would have asked while I was at the head quarters. Hopefully you can answer them since you were there. Thanks

Rob m109r says:

So I assume the new purple doesn’t come rolled up in a bag?

Christian Benoit says:

I just purchased the original about 20 days ago. I almost turned mine in to get the new mattress until I saw that it is innerspring. I just got away from my Sealy pillow top. I will be sticking with the original. This will be good for the people that would like more of a traditional mattress over a memory foam style.

Snipetrocity says:

I’m going to wait until the price drops. I’m super peaky on buying something like this.

noahmeme2 says:

Where is the full size for these models?

01wolvesman says:

How does the P2 compare to the Original, comfort and feel wise? I would really like to get a P3 but is so expensive!! Do you think a P2 or an Original would be better for me and my girlfriend? I am 165 pounds and she is like 125.

Julio Maldonado says:

Does it come with a box spring? If not what kind should someone use does it matter? Any recommendations for a specific box spring for the purple mattress

Gustavo Aguirre says:

I currently sleep on a traditional handme down spring mattress and it’s beyond me how old the mattress is. I am in desperate need of a new mattress, saying that I’ve done my fair share of research and have concluded that the classic purple mattress would be the best bed in a box for me. I am now in distraught after this release of the new hybrid purple mattress because I can’t come to a decision of which one I should buy. There are no mass reviews on the new purple mattress out yet but quite frankly I can’t wait that long. My question to this channel is, which is the most comfortable bed, the classic purple or the purple 2

Misenda Williams says:

I have horrible spine issues 5 levels fused in my neck and 3 in lower back. I’m looking to buy a mattress with adjustable base and I’m wondering how big of a difference is the 3 & 4? I would like saving the $500 but if it’s significantly better than I will spend it

keepinitreal says:

How soft is the 4? The original purple is too firm for me, i have pain when i wake up. I like a soft mattress! Will the 4 be soft or should i forego purple altogether?

rksu747 says:

I was leaning toward purchasing a purple mattress, but these new mattresses have really thrown me off. Purple’s marketing used to be critical of mattresses with springs in them, and now they are selling mattresses with springs. As if that isn’t confusing enough, the price is through the roof or these new models with essentially no explanation or justification.

Christopher Garvin says:

Do the New Purple Mattresses work with adjustable bases? I know the original does but could find nothing on the Purple FAQs that specifically state the New Purple Mattresses work with Adjustable Bases. Thanks

Angel Cedillo says:

My wife and I have been sleeping on ours for 3 weeks now, we got the purple 3 from m atress firm they had all except the 4 on display we ended up buying the 3… Forget about it being extremely heavy and difficult to move because once you got it in place I Gotta say it’s the absolute best bed for couples… The purple has a certain bounce to it but don’t bottom out like the original… And just when you think you’ve reached the bottom that’s when the springs kick in… I would definitely say this is by far the funnest bed we’ve ever used… looking forward to conceiving using this matress… Forget how comfortable it sleeps.. If you and your partner love to have fun believe me this definitely adds an extra level of excitement…. No Joke

Megan Canuto says:

I am willing to pay the price for the new mattresses but I wish there was a full size.

Dan Kehl says:

I really like my Purple about 4-5 weeks in…!

John Smith says:

It’s interesting that they spent so much time saying that foam and springs are bad and then use foam and springs.

Josh Blount says:

Does it still have the white plastic powder on the purple polymer? Some people claimed to have it in their mattress while others said their’s did not.

AmpEdition says:

So much for being innovators, they went back to coils

Prasad Kamat says:

Is the Purple 2 softer or firmer than the original Purple?

pyramidhead79 says:

I think you should do a review on the 3 new mattresses and compare them! I can’t decide whether I should get the original, #3, or the #4. I’d want the most comfortable one and most quality. I heard the original is a bit to firm and I’m not sure if I want that

John Bronneck says:

I am replacing a king size mattress with two XLong twins on an adjustable base…….how will the purple mattresses work.

carlene elmore says:

Where is the full size?

killafocker says:

Enjoy inhaling powder for the rest of your life haha, do your research before buying this shit

Huy Tran says:

I have back pain each day wake up, think get purple mattress, which yours recommend? Thanks

Northside Fin says:

Can it go on an adjustable base?

Ro Sco Bear says:

what are the weight limits on the new mattresses

ForceUser_ish says:

How much noise do the coils make? Seems like after some time of being compressed/decompressed the material enclosing each one would break down and allow coil to completely fall out of place. Thx! (BTW, very interested in the P3, may wait for a pricepoint reduction though for Queen size or coupon)

Allen S says:

Thank you for this video! Also Purple needs to do better at explaining this new bed!

J Alien Coldwater says:

I am going to get the queen of the original model when I move and I keep asking for purple to make a couch and recliner chair. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!

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