Whats Inside a Mattress – Open Spring Materials

Salvage & repurpose materials for DIY projects! Inside a full size Open Spring Mattress you will find some great FREE material / fabric, felt / wool insulation, polyfoam padding and loads of Free steel (3 gauges). This was great source for items to repurpose for DIY projects, crafts and so much more. Throughout the video I show multiple ways to accomplish the same result (i.e. deconstructing specific parts) but the method that I came up with in the 2nd half of the video to remove helicals was actually quite fun… and fast. The polyfoam as well as the insulation material can be perfect for many projects where a protective padding is needed or merely repurposed as packing material to protect fragile items before shipping them off somewhere. There are hundreds of springs in this thing; Bonnell coils that are hour glass shaped and made of steel. The border rod is heavy gauge steel and the helicals are the lightest gauge in this mattress.

Anytime I have something that may be headed for the trash or recycling I tend to dig in and take it apart first. I love to see how things are made and love even more seeing what I can make with the parts that I find inside. Plus, this was much more satisfying than trying to schedule a pick up for bulky items.


Tonya2000 says:

Can’t you cut a mattress in half and turn it into Arabic floor couches! I love those! Very expensive!

i love coyote peterson says:

THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS VIDEO! i always wondered what was inside a mattress

Michael Cook says:

Great video except for the ANNOYING music. Thanks.

K&B Russell says:

You can send the coils to me. I would love to use them for crafts. There kind of hard to find in my area. Thanks

James Mcguire says:

A great video exactly as the mattress I want to get rid of.Thanks.

Hope S says:

I like your videos, they are interesting and look professional.

Connie Copenhaver says:

Your video was wonderful sir, thank you for your clever ideas!!! … I am an “Up!Cycle” crafter; therefore, here are a few items which may be made from the trash materials: FABRIC & FELT ~ Simple Tote Bags, Animal & Shapes Ornaments (sheep, bunny, bear, heart, flower, etc), the FELT would make lovely Prim Doll or Gingerbread Man Ornies or use it to make new felt inserts for inside your shoes and boots. POLY FOAM ~ Cut squares to make “flat sponges” and use them for cleaning or painting items. COILS ~ These make great little Christmas Trees and can be painted to look like “rusty trees” if they’re used in Prim crafts. HELICALS ~ Use them as flower stems or as little pumpkin tendrils. BORDER RODS ~ May be attached with heavy staples, twine or rope to a wooden picture frame as a decoration, or bent into cute shapes as “hanging” ornaments or decorations; such as, bend it into a heart shape and hang it with a ribbon, twine or rope. Rods may be formed into a circle to make a wreath, which may be decorated with many styles and themes … Enjoy these “Up!Cycle” ideas and have fun creating new things with these otherwise disposable parts!!! 04/06/17

Glenn Poulin says:

After I deconstructed my mattress I used the foam and other materials to make new cushions for my antique Morris Chair. The only cost was the upholstery fabric. Thanks !

Pink Giggieraph says:

I would like to repurpose my mattress but the springs are nailed to a wooden base in stead of an insulator ,how do you suggest I remove the springs in my case (without damaging the wood )?

Tonya2000 says:

Stuff m in cushions!

nancy miller says:

Nice vid! I repurpose old boxspring in my gardens. I use them for trellises for peas and beans and climbing flowers.

cl8ff says:

thanks for the video. i have a worn out open spring single sided(no padding on bottom) mattress. im thinking about cutting open the bottom cover and restretching the coil springs. how much are you able to stretch those springs out of shape? or do they just spring back to the same shape?

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