20 Strange Beds You Won’t Believe Exist

Which one of these amazing and strange bed designs do you want to sleep on the pizza sleeping bag or the crazy pink roller coaster!?

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10. Pillow fights usually end up feeling like a smackdown wrestling match. With this bed, you can live that smackdown style fighting in reality. This bed is built like a WWE wrestling ring with the ropes and everything. You can throw your friends or siblings around on this bed without fear of throwing them onto the floor. You can perform most of your favorite wrestling moves. However, we would suggest that you still avoid ladder and chair matches.

Bed Slot
9. This entire room is built in an artsy manner that is very pleasing to observe. It has flowing designs and red carpet entryway into the bed which is located in a slot in the wall. The room has some qualities that make it look a bit like an optical illusion. It seems like it is a wider room than it is due to the bars that run along the walls of this room. This is a beautiful design and a nice setup that anyone would be happy to sleep in.

Water Bed, Literally
8. This bed is built on an artificial peninsula that leads out into a pool. It is built for a relaxed atmosphere, and some individuals love the idea of sleeping near the water. This bed is built for comfort, and the bed itself is not the unique part of this sleeping situation. The unique part is the pool that surrounds it. Just be careful when you are coming home late and possibly a bit intoxicated, if you feel you would receive an unpleasant surprise.

Container Bed
7. The container bed is a bed with tall wooden walls that act sort of like rails and they prevent you from rolling out of bed. However, stopping a late night floor thump is not the real purpose of this beds design, even if it is a function The main feature of this bed’s unique design is for primarily aesthetic and comfort reasons. Some people find it easier to sleep in enclosed spaces, and this bed offers some inkling of that which allows individuals who receive comfort from a closed space to relax in bliss.

Vertical Bed
6. The vertical bed is an interesting but strange concept. Have you ever wanted to sleep standing up? Probably not. However, that is not the point. This bed makes sleeping while standing up a reality. It is essentially a big fluffy arch that is built for comfort. You push yourself into while standing and let it suspend your weight. Once you do this, you are sealed and supported by this fantastic and odd vertical bed.

Letto Zip
5. The Letto Zip is a futuristic bed that features a sleek and modern looking design that is built for both comfort and aesthetics. It features two sets of zippers. One of the zippers goes around the edge of the bed while the other goes down the middle. The covered zipper panels are effectively used as blankets and can be removed entirely for easy washing. The bed is made of soft materials that are designed for supreme comfort, and if you come to sleep in this bed, you are sure to be pleased in every way.

Nest Bed
4. The nest bed is a bed crafted in the depiction of a bird’s nest. The big fluffy pillows that fill the nest are built for maximum comfort, and the bed itself is so big that it can fit multiple people in it, even a whole family. This nest is built for comfort and pleasure, and it is the perfect bed to take a comfortable daytime nap.

Swan Bed
3. This beautiful bed has many distinct features that make it not only a superior sleeping apparatus but also a work of art. This bed is crafted in the look of a beautiful swan with flowing feathers. The end of the bed depicts the head of the swan, and every inch of this bed is a beautiful piece of art. This is perfect for someone who is looking for a serene atmosphere to sleep in. The craftsmanship that went into the making of this bed is huge and whoever made it is a very talented individual.

Burger Bed
2. Do you like burgers? A lot of people do, and for those people, this is the perfect bed. Every layer of the bed is separable for the others so that when you lay on this bed, you can lay inside of the burger. This means that you can be part of the burger. The materials this bed is made of are extremely comfortable and create a soft and cozy environment inside of the burger which you love so much.

Hi-Can Bed
1.The Hi-Can bed is one of the most high-tech beds on the market. It has a built in projector and screen that comes out of the front compartment of the bed. It has a sleek and futuristic design that caters to the needs of the aesthetically pleased individuals of the world. While it features a very high price tag, the bed is very much worth the cost. It is beyond comfortable with a built-in lighting system that allows you to read or write in bed with subtle, but bright light that makes this bed into a fantastic workspace.


CJ Ayers says:

Jesus Christ this guy sounds so stupid if you actually pay attention to what he is saying

sparkle nancy says:

I want 19 beds like these

Rhonda Thompson says:

Was watching this in bed.it made me really tired

Irma Garcia says:


Ameera Iabal says:

I suscribed

jade jumbe says:

Who else was watching this video in your bed

Kordex Playz says:

always wanted to play ur console laying down comfortably? Well the hi bed is the one for u

Alayna Danner says:

I want the water bed and the one before that

Alexis' Shopkins And More! says:

Rollercoster bed fun but uncomfortable

Han Hoang says:

4:00 da heck is happening XD

Oversized GLASSES S says:

I choose mhmmmm yes I choose pink bed coaster 🙂

Elisha Smith says:


the Slayer says:

Neast bed and swan

The Libbster says:

The rail bed aye? So what if I roll over???

tyneisha stewart says:

-I want all of these-

Lisa Jones says:


the Slayer says:

Rocking bed is fev

A Random Guy says:

Reply the word nipple if you are in a bad right now

PotatoJam says:

I feel like this dude just looked up strange pictures of beds and described them using big words.

Carlos Lopez says:

I would be to scared to sleep on the net bed lol

Cheyenne Turner says:

fi i had two pick between the two the pizza

Chryssellinha Hubbard says:

I lovr the bed slot

Kalle Klæp says:

Number 14 is probably the dumbest way to design a bed..

pelonf3able says:

I want the coaster bed

Cheyenne Turner says:

they are all really cool beds but i do not like the water bed or the pizza mainly i like the pod bed and 3 others

Oversized GLASSES S says:


Oversized GLASSES S says:

no I choose high can bed I choose it 🙂

Elisha Smith says:

That is cool

huerta25264 says:

WWE bed all the way

Kiwi Cucumber says:

On yo head xD

Chansler Eduardo says:

i dont believe in that standing up bed

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