30 Unusual Beds Not Only For Sleep You’ve Never Seen Before

Leaving your bed to go to work or school is one of life’s hardest struggles. Let’s take a look at some of the most unusual beds that you’ve never seen before.
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Be Amazed by these unusual beds you’ve never seen before! Book Bed – This Bed was designed by Yusuke Suzuki to combat the lack of space often found in urban apartment blocks in Japan. La Montana Rusa – Cinema Bed – Polish company iNyx markets this as “the world’s most advanced bed” and it’s easy to see why. Outdoor Mosquito Net Hammock Bed – Most people love spending time in their garden during the summer months, but this can often be ruined by pesky bugs such as mosquitos. VW Camper Bed – Designed by Circu – Magical Furniture, this VW Camper van replica is called the “Bun Van” and was inspired by the Disney film Cars.

Faz Daybed – Self-making Bed – Flottua Bed – This bed makes use of a visual illusion to make it appear as if its levitating. Floating Hammock Bed – This isn’t a hammock, or a bed: it’s a bit of both. Giant Birds Nest Bed – This bed is every bit as strange as its name suggests: it’s giant size replica of a birds nest. Feel Seating System Deluxe – Yin and Yang Bed – Based on the Chinese Yin and Yang symbol, this bunk bed has space for two people. Hamburger Bed – Vertical Bed – Geometric Bed – If you thought this was an art installation rather than a bed, I don’t blame you. Le Beanock – This hammock bed is unique in both design and features. Letto Zip – Designed by Italian company Florida Furniture, this is another bed which allows you to ditch those bed-making chores. Magnetic Floating Bed – This is no illusion- this bed floats for real. BedBunker – Sonic Bed – Phat Knits – ITBed – Doc Sofa Bunk Bed – Fetal Position Bed – Brush Bed – Therapy Bed – Tranquility Pod – Barrel Bed – If you’re a fan of beer, then this bed is perfect for you because it gives you the chance to sleep like the brewmasters of the past. Water Bed – Everyone’s heard of water beds, but what about a bed that’s surrounded by water? Ice Bed – If you’ve heard of the IceHotel in Sweden, then this may not come as too much of a surprise.


Slime ASMR says:

Roses are red
Violets are blue
I came for the thumbnail
And o did you

The juju art girls says:

Pod bed

Kaitlynn Diffendal says:

I want the hamburger bed

Naruto Uzimaki says:


Seven awesome rainbow budgies says:

I want the bird’s-nest
I have a bird

Taha Maj says:

Ice bed

_Psycho_Gamer05ツ_ says:

4:29 your just laying in your bed and you just start to freaking roll away

Doggy 2 says:

I have actually made a dire nest

Timmy the Teacup says:

Cinema Bed
VW Camper Bed
Faz Daybed (if I could close that top)
Flottua Bed
Floating Hammock Bed
Giant Bird’s Nest Bed
Feel Seating System Deluxe
Hamburger Bed
Geometric Bed
Letto Zip
Sonic Bed
Khat Knits
Doc Sofa Bunk Beds
Therapy Bed
Tranquility Pod
Barrel Bed

*basically most of the beds*

Mia Watts says:

Congratulations Emmet

Mia Watts says:

What if the bed melts?

Slime queens And kitty corns says:

Omg a cinema bed

Spongebob in a donut says:

I want *cinemabed*

mary Gaskill says:

The ice bed

antula kumari says:

i love my bed. it just has a few cushion and soft toys for your comfort . and above all it provides gud sleeps at night or
wehenever u want

Kendall Essex says:

Now I still have to sleep on a normal bed you know.

Jay Vetall says:

They invented the double Decker couch… They really did it….

Lily the non animation girl lol says:

I a
I am
I am b
I am bo
I am bor
I am bore
I am bored
I am bore
I am bo
I am b
I a

oisin Kelly says:

I have seen these before

gamer gril says:

My bed is the worst bed on earth

Syma F says:

I want the bun van

Agent F2S says:

I’d rather sleep on a jelly
Who else agrees?

Mariyam Insha says:

I would totes choose the waterbed, I love to swim right after I wake up, too bad I live in an island with trees and nature’s maternity!

Emry Cro says:

I love yin yang

Penelope Niven says:

I would love the burger bed or the barrel bed

Avjot Dhillon - Kingswood Drive PS (1536) says:

The sleeping pod

brianna munoz says:

l will sleep for ever in the cinema bed

Bio Brew says:

all of them like if u agree

Lily the non animation girl lol says:


Albert Richter says:

Pod – bed, always wanted one in my youth & now I would sorry my family would look at it like my own coffin.

Molly Hughes says:

I want them all

Natalya V. T. says:


L Harvey says:


revilo_lol says:

1:55 what?

Celina Moreno says:

I am stuck between the bed surrounded by water and the ice bed

Thunder Shark says:

i would have the kind of bed , like the theripy bed so, you know the curttains noise cansleling you know uh uh , Mom – What r u doing!

me – Nothing! get out
Mom what is that in your hand !
Me – ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

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