A water bed that can be utilized in medical facilities and nursing care welfare facilities

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※ This video first appeared on the diginfonews channel in 2009. It has been re-edited and uploaded to the ikinamo channel.

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Minato Medical Science exhibited a bed type massager “Aqua Tizer QZ – 220” at the International Modern Hospital Show 2009.

“AQUATIZA QZ-220” applies the fluid properties of “water” while embracing the floating feeling unique to the water bed type, and creates a powerful and pleasant stimulus similar to “manual therapy”.
The treatment program is based on seven patterns that add “basic”, “skip” and “soft stitch” of soft feeling to the basic pattern of “do” “kunru” “mimu” “mu” “by” professional treatment There. In addition, 12 types of “preset programs” combining these patterns are prepared, and up to 10 “user programs” that users can independently create can be stored.

Aquatizer QZ-220 Water Massage Bed : DigInfo

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Elsie H Martinez says:

I want my water bed to massage me at night like the gadget above. I don’t see any reason why this cannot be available to regular consumer like the usual water bed they used to sell.

Żółć says:

Bit creepy. Looks like there is someone inside this bed pressing his hands to get out.

epSos.de says:

This will make massages very affordable.

Imagine this massage bot in every fitness gym, spa, hospital and beauty salon.

Massages can be automated with this beautiful technology.

Alex Stan says:

super cool…I tried hydro massage, but it was under me, not below. cool stuff

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