After Surgery, This Tiny Gecko Nestles Up on a Tiny Waterbed

This gecko surgery is a first for Dr. Dee, so she must think of a creative way to anesthetize the tiny animal in order to remove a mass behind her eye.

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alicia gannon says:

What was it!?

GeronimoCrow says:

“Are you suicidal ? Huh ?”

sol carter says:

I have a mac snow leopard gecko I would be so scared if this happened to her

Annabel Petty says:

I’m glad to see that society is warming up to reptiles

A Fernandez says:

I took my pigeon to the vet when I thought he was bleeding to death.

I walked in there with a small cage and there’s dog owners looking at me like “what the hell?”
I felt awkward because the doc came back out and said he was fine and people just stared at me when I grabbed the fella and put him back in his cage then walked out. Lol

Deadly Fox says:

I have a leopard gecko

Angie Meshel says:

She is so cute now i want one

Mikhayla Boston says:

I love how sweet they are with her!

JustPets says:

My heart rn

Crow says:

wtf? it wasnt sleep?? good it disnt loose its tail

Mary Udomah says:

Okay, the water bed is super cute.

Anna The Samurai says:

OOF somebody PUNCHED me in the jaw…

Jeremiah Degenhardt says:

my leperd geco is geting her eye removed

lazerlazer says:

What did the sample come back as?

geckogirl97 says:

She did surgery of me!

Victoria Quintanilla says:


Katelynn Ferguson says:

Now I know if my Leopard geko has something wrong with her,I can call uou4

Mishiee Wolf says:

Dont put the gecko in the room with the cats, trust me it’s not smart (not saying I’m a vet but just don’t but cats and geckos in the same room).

Silvia R. says:

geckos and lizards and reptiles in general are soooooo cuuutee!!!! <3 <3

tati Isabel says:

“Are you suicidal”
“She’s under the influence of drugs “

Riley Adams says:

So what was that growth thing anyway? It had a leg!

Jumpy Tortoises says:

1:57 omg is this not satisfying to anyone else

Liberty Bell says:

1000th comment woot woot

[ Turntecherror ] says:

Such a cute leo

Kevin Schaben says:

I have a geiko to her name is suzi

Story Time says:

Did really gust say suacidal

Paper Bird says:


Mikkel mads Sørensen says:

Wow must be hard to do it on such small animals

Golden Doaihya says:


The Catiecorn says:


DINOboy 20007 says:

Are you suicidal cause you’re on drugs now

Jennifer Neisler says:

Love her humor!

Moa Sällström says:

*baby voice* “Are you suicidal?” LMAOOOOO

Kiki Fluff Butt says:

My gecko had something in her eye and she had surgery she’s fine it was a year ago

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