Awesome Beds You Won’t Believe Exist

People actually sleep on ice. GMM #858!
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Executive Producer: Drew Champion
Writer/Producer: Edward Coleman
Writer/Producer: Lizzie Bassett
Writer/Producer: Kevin Kostelnik
Associate Producer: Chase Hilt
Technical Director/Graphics/Editor: Morgan Locke
Editor: Casey Nimmer
Production Coordinator: Alexander Punch
Production Assistant: Mike Criscimagna
Content Manager: Becca Canote
Set Construction/Dresser: Cassie Cobb
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*FluffyWARRIOR* Trash says:

the ice bed one question can you bite some ice of it to just eat

RubberDuckyGamer - says:

Oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh oh

Brandon Jackson says:

I have a fidget

Joseph Burkett says:

I’ve heard of this amazing bed that I hear is incredibly comfortable you might have heard of it, it’s called


ThereGoesGriffin says:


TheWolfGamer says:

Rhett: “That’s 23 years…in dream land!”
Link: *Exactly mimicking Eddie Wally* “Wow!”

Midnight Legends says:

Why do I always watch this before I go to sleep and not in the morning?

Arianna Myrie says:

These beds are bedder!

Leo Wilson says:

Towards the end, I was expecting the video to be sponsored by Mattress Firm or something.

Elise Lewandowski says:

what things are gonna get chopped off
inner child: Thats what she said
(more) macher side: Stop

Tabby Cat says:

I love uuuuuu!!!!?

Libby Brown says:

Do will it… uh… Nutella?….

Olivia Reed says:

Will it hat

Rebeca Sandstrom says:

‘The Cave of Loneliness’? That’s my room right there.

Olga Vismane says:

these beds are amazing

Gunshot Games says:

Hey random person scrolling through the comments, you’re beautiful, you’re amazing, you’re awesome, your incredible, your wonderful just the way you are. And there are at least 10 people out there that love you to the moon and back

Wendy Stubbs says:

RANDOM: LIKE if you see the blue-haired troll in the background XD

littlevivien1 says:

i don’t care what my bed looks like as long as it’s comfortable

Zanthor says:

I just want a nice, extremely soft canopy bed. I want to go to sleep feeling like a princess, damnit.

Logan Allen says:

What about the people who want to sleep with there trains

mistergames says:

23 yrs equals 47 years with no sleeping

Patrick Woods says:

With the hover bed, my cat sometimes sleeps under my bed sooooooooooo yeah! That’s pretty self explanatory

Caden Williams says:


jasonzgames says:


LBPPlayer7 says:

1.5 million dollars for a bed with a bunch of magnets strapped to the bottom. What a bargain!

Zelda Henson says:

“What is that place called, the Cave of Loneliness?” XD

gaby6318 says:

I want a toaster

Mr Camander says:


Zander Rossman says:

The problem with the earthquake bed is that the bed is between you and the supplies. But the mattress is a great shock absorber for falls (building collapse e.g.)

-That Eden- says:

Why can’t people just sleep on a normal mattress

Mr Camander says:

Pls sing biscuits

NightWolf 846 says:

right sometimes the tenticles come up

Yaveh Suarez says:

cave of lonelines.

Macey Matias says:

Who noticed the blue-haired troll near Link’s hair?

Kinzy bear slime Kenyon says:

will it popcorn?

TheCuteWatermelon says:


Kenzie says:

“…cool bed…ice bed.” me:im mm mm did he just ignore a pun?

Toasty the Toaster says:

I can make toast! 😀

Jason Botwright says:

I watched this video in my bed

Bastion & Bird says:

lol dutch people and a 3d printed brain
and a floating bed
whats next in my country?

Paul Linsangan says:

I’m here Watching GMM in mAh new Hi Cam Bed

Luthfil Hadi Yasin says:

I watch this show mostly at nights dont know why but it just feels right .

Addison says:

Would you like any Pepper with the bed? :3

Emilia M says:

Rett, an octopus can fit into anything as long as their beak fits

Awesome Matei says:

I want an ice bed ❄️

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