Bedroom 2 Round Waterbed Assembly.

My 20 year old waterbed.It took about 3 working hours.1 hour just to fill it up.I had that bed in storage for 15 years.



I’ve had my king size waterbed for over 20 years
nothing more comfortable than sleeping nude in that bed

leafeon jolteon says:

how mutch pussy has he goten on this bed

Najeeb Mohammed says:

who is it for

Average_Robloxgamer says:

That’s awesome nice work

drakegirl321 says:

where did you buy the frame from?

Najeeb Mohammed says:


yosef abade says:

omg more than 4 hours just on that bed

Destiny Rodriguez says:

I saw her but crack

Average_Robloxgamer says:

Please pin that

فاضل حيدر says:

انه جميل لاكن العمل ممل

Pepsi The Kitty says:

who else thought the hair was a wig?

Isabell Guerra says:

That is so freaking cool

Hannah S says:

I know this might sound like a dumb question but I was born wayyyy after waterbeds… DO WATERBEDS POP?!?!

Haniyyah Rukan Shaik says:

Now that’s dedication. You did a lot of work.

クールブラその says:

wow girls can build too?!

DerpyDragon346 says:

wow. i just wasted 18 minutes of my life watchimg someone put together a waterbed

Rohan Jnagal says:

Barbiepoledancer If you look at the time you spent the entire night and morning doing the Water Bed… You must of been tired and hungry… We can see how much effort you put in the Water Bed … 😛

Alexander Queen says:

I hope she do not die last year

Juicey Fruit :3 says:

Did a really good job! I’ve never been on a waterbed before actually…I was planning on ordering the parts. Anyway, I can tell you put a lot of work into this! Keep it up for future building!
Ni’Yana Sincere Smith :3

livelaughplay b-ball v.v says:


Jonas Forio says:

ur so awesome

Manal Osman says:

Who else thought she was a man at first

skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo says:

Epic fail

Peyton Caruso says:

Why did she start this at 11 o’clock pm and not early in the morning

Average_Robloxgamer says:

That’s sooooooo cool

estefany lunar says:

se dio cuenta que se le ven las panta letas

Mo Garcia says:

damn dude

Mauricio Resendiz says:

I can see you but crack

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