Best Mattress For Couples & Co-Sleeping (TOP 6 BEDS!)

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Best Mattress For Couples & Co-Sleeping (TOP 6 BEDS!). In this video, Valerie covers the best bed for couples and best bed for co-sleeping. Some of the topics Val discusses in this video include how each mattress is constructed (coils vs foam vs spring vs memory foam) and how firm/soft each mattress. She also touches on motion transfer isolation and edge support, which are important factors for couples. Some of these bed in a box mattresses might even land on the list for Best Mattress In A Box 2019 or Best Mattress For Combo Sleepers 2019. Thanks for watching.

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Kenneth Roman says:

Helix is the best here IMO. What about a video for best comforter?

Tim Adzic says:

I would really like to see more videos for bigger guys. These all foam mattresses that you guys keep promoting would never work for me as I always get that stuck in the mud feeling with them.

Karan Gupta says:

What about the new Purple 2 or 3 for couples?

john says:

Kinda strange to have a video recommending best beds for couples but none of the sample videos have two people laying on the bed at the same time.

maryhardt1 says:

Would like to see any mattresses that don’t exclude objectionable increased softness in their warranties.

Justin Lawrence says:

I like the honorable mentions lol reminds me of talking dead when a walker is memorable

Christa Poisal says:

Casper does a great job of motion isolation.

Whitley Calico says:


Felicificfeline5 says:

Great comprehensive review!

Rita B says:

The Nolah keeps catching my eye!

Capital-F says:


Joshua Sepulveda says:

I’ll be a husband in 5 months. Haha so I’m currently mattress hunting, these reviews and videos are great! Keep it up!

Brandon Wilson says:

Thanks for the info

Lucia M says:

Moving to new apartment soon with my bf and always go to this channel for reviews. Love what you guys do!

Phillip Shull says:

So apparently I am a freakish ogre beast compared to you all. I am 6′ 4″ and 275 lbs. My wife is a lovely 5′ 6″ and 145 lbs woman. (Like Shrek and Fiona, or Beaut6 and the Beast). So, yeah. I ruin beds.

Seriously, you all need an ogre on the Slumber Yard team to help test these mattresses for us non-petite people. (This comment is meant in gest). You all do a great job . . . . for skinny, attractive people.

Mark Newman says:

Need to take “intimacy” into account as a category on reviews, especially for couples. *note* Memory foam is usually awful for this in my experience

Patrick Blondin says:

I like that Helix bed will customize them for you. I sleep hot and my wife sleeps cold.

Denisa Varda says:

I like the zones.

Nate Drumms says:

yay for free beds.

Hilario Garcia says:

I am bulkier and run hotter than my girlfriend and finding a mattress that accommodates both is a challenge. We just purchased a Lucid Latex hybrid from amazon and hopes it sustains is while we save up and get a much nicer mattress like Tulo, Brooklyn bedding or even helix

Nick Marek says:

Best beds for couples 2019?! Thank you for helping us decide whats best!

A Tragedy says:

yes sleeping is one aspect, and the most important aspect of a mattress, however, couples have sex and need firmness from the mattress for the multitude of positions. While a traditional pillow top mattress with Box spring fits the bill with little sinking on the more firm mattresses, I am in search of a mattress which would be most comfortable for all uses. sleep, sex, and sitting up in the bed as in reading or using a laptop etc.. It makes no sense to purchase an expensive mattress which can really only serve one purpose. I need one which would be great for everything, and I have yet to find one, for al uses, especially one which can alleviate my severe chronic neck, shoulder and back pain which I have concluded is partially due to the mattress we currently have. Endy and Purple are the two most notable mattress unbiased reviews have talked about.. any suggestions?

lianne mendonca says:

Can you make a video on mattresses for couples on a budget?

Wally Boots says:

Will need a new bed soon. So hard to choose. These vids help narrow it down.

Racheal knight says:

Thank you for the video. My husband and I are currently looking for a bed, and this really helped. Thank you

CornCob Cubing says:

I missed this one! But still a great video. I love how helix gives you customizable options, for couples!


I wonder if a lifetime warranty will still be honored even after a company goes bankrupt. My intuition says no

Melanie Bledsoe says:

Thank u so helpful

Chris Atwood says:

Have you all at sleeper yard ever considered doing a review on a sleep number bed? I love your mattress reviews but would definitely be interested in seeing a video/review on sleep number. Especially since the sleep number is a air adjustable bed and kinda falls into its own category.

Rahul Sharma says:

I like you like a perpal metress

LifeUnBoxed says:

Slept in a Casper over the weekend during Glamping trip. It was an amazing sleep. Like in a cloud.

renz caballero says:

Pick me pls and i dont know really what to pick is nectar good for couples too?

JoeFrohlich says:

Interesting review.

Ashley Sargent says:


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