Cushion Challenge! Egg Sitter vs Amazon Best Seller vs Purple

Here is a three-way comparison of three popular cushions: The As Seen on TV Egg Sitter, the Amazon bestseller ComfiLife (Gel Enhanced), and the “Ultimate” Purple Cushion.

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Music by Epidemic Sound.
“Drones In Motion 3” by Sebastian Forslund


The Random Channel says:

The purple seat cushion ultimate is meant for big chairs or couches

water2wine1 says:

I imagine it’s larger to accommodate wheelchairs.

GoTi4No says:

1:21 that sound

Monster Pumps says:

Am I the only one that wants to sleep on them?

alwaysbusiness4 says:

Happy Days says SIT ON IT

DLAP Vids says:

This video is sponsored

Lagg_Ops Gaming says:

Like father like son

Shannon Murphy says:

Yeah but…….the reason Purple made it SO big is MOST ppl in todays world is fatter that yourself…….people have BIG BUTTS

Your local Pterodactyl says:

Music at the start? Name?

Megan Stauffer says:

The egg sitter is to sit on

Jrghost 13 says:


arditothecheeto says:

It’s so big because you got the ultimate

Thomas says:

Gamer Grill.

PraiseDivineMercy says:

The purple one seems like it belongs on a couch

NIc K says:

your daughter has a pot leaf on her guitar? yeah I know its harmless but should a kid do it?? nah

Daniel Miller says:

Why won’t you put the case on the other two but put the case on one? Test them all the same way

The great dictator says:

purp looks like a sofa cushion size

Danny Brown says:

I like the choice to use heavy metal background music in a review comparing seat cushions

Hue Lu says:

none of those look like it’s going to be comfortable…

Samuel I says:

I’ll add my own smells aftermarket.

FijiPug says:

That noise that the egg-sitter made when you put it on the purple

Kevin Benoit says:

I love the shirt, man!
EDIT: and you change to _another_ awesome shirt… you, sir, have good musical tastes

myqiheart69 says:

Big cushion for wheelchairs.

DinoHF79 says:

Thank you for the well rounded review.

MrSteeleFtw says:

$130?! Geez you better just buy a good chair lmao

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