We show you how to make a giant water blob for your family!
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Travis Porter says:


Thomas Arthur says:

And on this episode of funawsome………… How to drown. YAY

matel855 says:

Great! I like it

Eleazar Villa says:

she killed her dad :O I’m going over their to kill :3 jk

علي علي says:


Hazio Hussain says:

You fat so you broke it

Eleazar Villa says:

see I told u she killing mean girl

Dark Kitty animations says:

y do you spend hours to make it I’d u let your kid rip it open might as well give them a zip lock bag filled with watee

henok getachew says:

and the little girl is so cute all of them are even the family

VineArchive says:

That looks like a lot of fun. You guys are awesome

snakeofmemeeyes2 says:

…is it safe & normal for 13 yr olds to want to make & do this…or am I just a weirdo

Maria Gnatuk says:

You are stupid

Sam Lawson says:

1:56 dude she was gettin it on with the blob

Slushy119 says:

That looks like so much fun

Alessandro Centro says:


TaxedFilms says:

lol the little girl was twerking

the chiplover says:

do u get wet without it popping?

pink diamont says:


Jaryn Sarbacker says:

your family

Jamesf gaming says:

that little boy is ugly

Brony Mlp says:

1:50 that was some major twerking little girl!

Siegfried Cosplay says:

When they say a grown man can drown in 4cm of water, I think they were referring to this video.

KaylinNoel says:

I would have been peeved to do all that for a few min b4 it was ruined.

Green Stone Grits says:

We did this last summer. so much fun. I think this is something we’ll being doing annually. You’re backyard looks different, did you guys move?

Janenn Craddock says:

besides the fact that people like to pick apart everything in this world, Dad and Mom, that is great! you guys spent your time trying to make your kids happy. And it looks like it worked 🙂 for the most part. Can’t wait to try this thank you

Craig Tombs says:

I wish I had that

im an alien says:

“take the scissors outta you pocket”……WTF

Jaryn Sarbacker says:

you shold stop making videos with Your family or do something fun

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