DIY water changer, cheap and easy water change

DIY water changer, cheap and easy water change system for under $20. Blue Magic drain and fill link on amazon below. Subscribe to my channel for more informational aquarium videos!

Blue magic adapter:

50ft Hose:

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R.L. Ritchey III says:

Great video. One point to make though is that everyone needs to keep the end of the hose above the water instead of it being submerged when refilling your tank. I use a plastic clamp to secure my hose to the tank frame to keep it above the water line. If you leave the end submerged and you lose water pressure due to a water main break on the utility water system, all of your water and small fish can be sucked back into your plumbing and even back into the water system, contaminating it. This is one example of what is known as a cross-connection. Thanks again for your informative video.

Ha-y-n Brian says:

Aloha friend. I followed your link and i got this for 6 bucks plus a waterbed conditioner. Dont know what i will do with the conditioner because i dont have a waterbed. lol….Thanks for the link man, dont have to use buckets anymore!!!!!!! I saw many DIY attachments and it wasnt worth the trouble to make. Sometimes the simplest tip can be very helpful. Thanks man.

Monique Van Amersfort says:

Hello there :} Monique here from Australia :} Yay I have my Blue Magic thingy :} Just wondering if you could tell me please what are the 2 supplied ( Blue Magic ) black rubber rings for ? What is the size please ( Diameter) of the hose & hose adapter needed. Just love your idea DIY as I’m 55 & tired of buckets Lol & on a pension . Cheers from Down Under Monique
p.s. My Blue Magic set didn’t come with any faucet adapter’s :{ , just a blue attachment, I think to put in a water bed.

Heroin Harvey says:

Those things are usually garbage and shoot water out of every or nook and orifice. For me any ways.. i built my own out of pvc and ball joint valve for 8 dollars works like a charm no leaks

Aqua Apprentice says:

Awesome, I will need this in the future. Thanks for the tip.

Julia Rivs says:

For some reason I can only get the Blue Magic to add water back into the tank. I can’t get it to siphon for anything! Ugh.

Chris Cichlids says:

Nice video, Thanks for sharing it’s going to be very helpful

QuixStar T.V./Finessē says:

Thanks great idea,save tons of money

GDee Cichlids says:

Well done bud!


Good video bro keep up the good work

Susan for SLC Aquatics says:

I love DIY projects and thanks for sharing this information. 😀

Richard Portelli says:

Great video, Will the automatic siphon you show still work if the tank water is lower than the drain point?

Freshwater Fish Freak says:

It could be disasterous…dun dun dun…

Down the Worm Hole says:

ohh wow neat!

Rachel Smith says:

This is amazing. I’m kinda sceptical that i won’t need to do any annoying pumping motion to syphon the water out. I don’t understand how me turning the tap on will help the water drain! Wicked vid

Garden Spider says:

Thanks, never use this method because I thought it wasted too much water.
Does this method also create enough suction for vacuuming the substrate.
Thanks again!!

V. Stag says:

Awesome how to diy Thanks for sharing

Mary Kendrick says:

Hi Thanks will look for this method to buy .As i am actually 73 and obviously on a budget with my monies.. Is it best to buy it off Amazon? I am in the UK .Thank so much.

Dusty Hartl says:

This is perfect! My fishroom is going to be in our basement with no sink and this was exactly what I was looking for! Thanks!


Kool I would appreciate it but I have a intake on both sides

Bogdan karpovich says:

I made it with InpliX handbooks, just google it 🙂

Damian Bloodstone says:

Neat. No one had shown how to use that blue piece in the vids I’d seen so far. Thanks.

Speedy fun fish tank says:

is episode 2 out and if so what is it called i cant find it

Sasquatch Aquatics says:

You can shove your python in the cut off end of that hose. I do that to water the garden.

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