Does Flex Tape work?

We’ve seen the as seen on TV commercials. Water leaks, they grab a piece of flex tape, and like magic the water leak is stopped instantly. Unfortunately after his grandpa died, W was going through some emotional issues and cut a hole in the pool. So I had to try something to stop the leak. Did Flex Tape work? Let’s find out…


John Walsh says:

Could have sworn Flex Tape was black…

HotH4mWat3r says:

Its a sham boys the government is trying to trick us!

gaming with stefan says:

That’s not flex tape flex tape is black

J W Miller says:

A few things that would greatly assist you and this application are as follows: 1) Your patch is much too big. The more patch that is there, the more patch that the water has to work loose. Make sense?, 2) Your patch is the wrong shape. It has sharp corners and edges. Same principle applies as in #1. Water will be able to work on sharp corners and edges much easier than if your patch was, let’s say, round= correct shape of a pool patch that’s inside the pool. Outside it wouldn’t matter, and 3) when applying the patch, start directly in the center, and work outward. It also helps if you, or someone else, will hold something hard and flat on the opposite side of where you are applying the patch, to give you something solid to press against.
I guarantee that doing a pool patch, using these tips, will allow your patch to hold up much longer than if you didn’t use them.

Skabarflix says:

To show you the power of flex tape…

markey 7520 says:

Stop the bull shit I have it you fucking dud ugly bitch we all know it’s fake or you got a old one

lolololuos lol says:


Jim Moss says:

Thats the wrong flextape. ..
Or knockoff brand dude !
Bad Review !

Mike Weatherbee says:

This stuff works excellent! yes it does not work very well under water but once you prep the area and apply and let it sit for 24 to 48 hours to achieve full bond it works great! I did a temp fix on my above ground pool on 2 large tears and it worked perfectly, now I also used a can of clear flex seal spray as I felt it could add extra sealing and it did! I did the 2nd patch without the clear flex seal spray and it also worked perfectly!

WiZ says:

that’s not flex rape dummie

Ciara Chacon says:

No it does not work on above ground pool tried it . It sucks

Phil Swift says:

I hate it when people say it doesn´t work when they don´t even know how to put tape on something the proper way.
Usually, these people leave lumps on the tape, so essentially the tape doesn´t do it´s full job because the lumps create holes in which leaks are possible. Fucking dumbasses

PokéSuFan says:

regular duct tape still works 100% better

50darknight says:

Why is it white, it’s black in the commercial

crystle sandridge says:

I had holes in the bottom and the tape worked on most of them. still had a leak from a hole near the seam. I drained it since there was only about a foot of water and going to put on outside of liner as well.

Jim Dandy says:

I had the exact same result when I tried to use flex tape to patch a pinhole leak in a pool. It would not stick underwater and ended up leaking even on the outside. Get the $10 vinyl pool repair kit at Wal-Mart which is cheaper and actually works underwater.

Beastmode 567 says:

The black tape works a lot better

Dragon & Tiger says:

Does Flex Tape Work ? : NOPE

Trae Davis says:

Try the liquid

You tube says:


SpaceInvaderSarge says:

They ripped you off lol the real flex tape is black

1970 says:

I guess Phil Swift is my man.

Charles Flaherty says:

got some and it stuck underwater. waiting to see if it holds

Mitchell Williams says:

I got the white Flex tape as well work perfect for me and mine was at the bottom of the pool I did it under water 2 weeks later still no leak

James Zapata says:

Flex tape. The lower u place the tape the more pressure on the tape. On tv they put it on a bucket. No pressure. On tv they put a hole in the upper s part of the pool. Put the tape On the bottom side where the pressure greater.

markey 7520 says:

And that’s why they said no wrinkles

Chris Holum says:


Short intellectual grandpa with alzheimers says:


koral wurm says:

how is it doing now??? just pulled my inflatable hot tub out and found that a mouse chewed a hole in it. did a patch, think im going to put flex tape over the patch. any leaks for you?

Zamininc says:

That’s a lotta damage

prop player 789 says:

its because you forgot to saw the boat in half

MrJoesr65 says:

Not no, but HELL NO !

EggRoll says:

Clean your pool

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