Fairfield Circuitry – Shallow Water

The water bed of the heart.

0:35 – Overview
2:14 – Controls
4:08 – Synthesizers
5:16 – Loop
5:54 – Fuzz
6:45 – Outro

Shallow Water

Guitar: Danelectro Dead on 67
Amp: Fender Blues Jr.

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Horrendous says:

over three years that i’m trying to get one Randy’s Revenge second hand, each time an ad comes out i reply within a minute, always to be told “too late someone else was faster you’re second”. Now i have lost interest in those modulation pedals, having a lot more fun with fuzz boxes. I’m glad i could never get one…

Atom Gallup says:

I would to have this as a 32 bit vast .dll file.

Teenage Operator says:

Hey Knobs, if i may: what are you running on the Op-1? It sounds/looks like a sample, but wanna be sure cause if that’s a synth preset I NEEEEED it! (thanks)

Pmichteinz Dealz says:

Rookie question: What synthesizer are you using?

Garrett Grissom says:

I don’t have enough money for all these pedals

alternatingbitmusic says:

Thank you for including a synth demo portion, however brief – that’s very important to me since I don’t use pedals for guitars. Another great demo – I own the Hologram Dream Sequence & Panda Particle because of your demo. Keep up the great and entertaining work.

Timothy Hensel says:

Does anyone know any artists that incorporate this type of sound into their guitar work? I would love to listen to them

Glenn Weber says:

Instant Boards of Canada.

Danila Plee says:

it works that old rotary fx so good!

Sahil Gulati says:

3:14 made me feel.. So.. So good. So sleepy and snowy.. And..

Andrew McArthur says:

what synthesizers do you use in this video?

Flat Fifth says:

Meddie Diablo. on my way to the Swedish art gallery!

Justin Martin says:


Jeremy Champlin says:

This is art on so many levels.

Kevin Harris says:

It sounds like the audio on an old reel to reel public service movie from the 1950’s. Why not?

Ja'Maul Redmond says:

This could warm up the volca keys.

The Don aka Don Cavion Perignon says:

Someone halp… This or the wizard of pitch?

Dimensionalineage says:

I’ve been creatively inspired by demos before. I’ve been entertained by other demos. I’ve been nonplussed at countless others. This is however perhaps the first time I’ve been so emotionally stirred by a pedal demo. The sounds. The sentiments. The creative concept. All the warm fuzzies.

(I will say that it certainly does help to be demo-ing a damn cool box from Fairfield)

Excellent work.


no google plus says:

Knobs you have an amazing eye for composition.

Tommy712rus says:

Some songs from OST to “Men Women And Children” sounds realy close to this pedal…

Isaac A. says:

Sounds kinda like “From Indian Lakes”

Iiana Alcock says:

I am addicted to this

Mauro Varela says:

Can someone recommend similar pedals to get these effects?

Dan Carter says:

Am I having a stroke or they very subtly warping the video or zooming in and out? Maybe the LFO is so powerful it’s messing with my eyes. Weird.

Jack P says:

Does this have true bypass?

Conor Craig says:

had to buy one, the 4-6 week wait is KILLING ME

Launchpad McQuack says:

whats that chord at 0:35

spartan876 says:

i want this sad little box

Ben J says:

Knobs: Beautiful, charismatic curator of out-of-stock pedals

Wolves says:

I’m wet

Johnnie Kearse III says:

Reminds me of some tones from Flying Lotus – Until The Quiet Comes.

gliddofglood says:

Hmm. Pretty bloody bizarre.

Zach says:

Of all the lo-fi sort of chorus/vibe/filter pedals, I feel like this one most accurately resembles the sound of a broken tape machine. That modulation is very reminiscent of wow and flutter, and the way the filtering interacts with it is really pleasing and gives it that natural feeling. I feel like this is a similar random modulation circuit to that of the Meet Maude delay, which I own and really love. I wish I could get all the Fairfield stuff, thanks knobs for these great demos!

Kevin Harris says:

What is the source of the modulation here? Sometimes it sounds like a chorus….but maybe more vibrato? Is there a BBD chip inside? I’m totally confused by this pedal. Sure sounds interesting though.

Xiyu Yang says:

This + Meed Maude + a reverb + a looper of your choice = Boards of Canada

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