How to make a GIANT BLOB ♡ ♡

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Well the whole internet is a BUZZ about these easy to make giant blobs, and I have had a few requests to try it…. SO here is how we made ours!

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Luis Medina says:


Naruto Uzimaki says:


SockPlug says:

Just a little something: Make sure to use the heaviest plastic you can find. Use around a 3 mil plastic sheet.

Owen Akey says:

i like your channel because you have good tutorials but their short and i also i just made a channel and i was wondering how you get it so good and how you get so many subscribers and maybe can you do a shoutout on your channel for me

Devesh Patidar says:

anyway thanks

Risha Chan says:

Awwww cute

Marli's Bffs says:

How old are you???

Samia Uddin says:

find the difference


Joycie Johnson says:

I see a waterbed in my future…

Erin 440 says:

I need one off these for when I lay out in the sun this summer. Would be so comfy with a little one for a pillow.

WikiMSP says:

it works!

Jorge Corona says:

it looks super cool and fun

jonathan baluyot says:


HaileyDAcrAzy says:

Notice when she showed us how to iron it her iron was not plugged in

Stephannie Watters says:

can you make a rubber egg

anisa banu says:

Ur daughter is cute may god bless her alway

Ashley Jones says:

only i wouldnt put toys in it cause they could hurt themselves with it! #OUCH

Emily Carrizales says:

Your daughter has growled so much

Robert Bent says:

culd you sleep on that

Naenae theunicorn says:


Melissa0774 says:

You’d think some toy company would make these. Maybe it’d make a good accessory for the Slip ‘n Slide, something to put next to it. I don’t know, those things are dangerous though.

Cengiz Ozkan says:


marionette Aparicio says:

not a blob

Xo Jay says:

Love this diy but where did u get the parchment paper????

Devesh Patidar says:

that is awesome

geetha gurumurthy gurumurthy says:

may I know what sheet you have used to make this

WikiMSP says:

its so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Maggie Sameniego says:

she is so dum how did she iron the plastic if it wasnt even on

Kasey Lauren says:

Lol a giant blob

caitlin evilsizer says:

Her iron wasn’t plugged in the end was between her legs

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