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Stop dreading water changes! You’re meant to enjoy your aquarium, and the Python No Spill Clean & Fill system helps you do that! It makes your life easier, your water changes easier, and your cleaning simpler!


Mr. HappyFunGuy says:

This is how much?

Gordo Maldito says:

So you need to leave the water running just to drain the tank? What a waste.


How do i condition my water if its coming direct from the tap ?

Tristan Vickery says:

I have a problem though I finally got the python after two years and I tried it out and it fills perfectly but dose not drain their are air bubbles in the tube I got the 25f tubing does the air bubbles mean it’s too big or something

Kenwon Simpson says:

These things are expensive for a gravel vac

Reynaldo Vazquez says:

The only thing thet sucks about the python or the aqueon cleaner is that they use about 3 times the amount of water you would normally use since the water has to remain on for the suction to occur. The cheapest way ive found is just to use my gravel cleaner to clean and drain into buckets and then use a cheap garden hose to fill it back up. The faucet adapters are between $1.50 to $4 depending on whether they are plastic, copper, etc.

Paul Theunis says:

that first spurt of water is under quite a bit of pressure. can you regulate the first blast by opening that valve slowly? it would suck to blow away half your scape in that initial burst.

Joe Winters says:

thank you for the video

Quan Emerson says:

what size aquarium do you use in the video

Carlos Pizarro says:

Can I use this for a saltwater fish tank?

Tru Blu says:

None of the sinks in my house have threaded nozzles. I just run the hose out my window and refill from a bucket under a running tap.

Spit Fire says:

I made one myself last week for 10€

BigPatVlogs says:

i purchased this its a waste of money for me my faucet in the kitchen has the spray hoes that pulls out so if i unscrew the sprayer im left with a hose that want connect to my water changer i dont know what to do

Denis Young says:

I have 2 aquariums, one on the main floor and my biggest one in my living room basement. My facet is upstairs, pretty sure water filling up the tank wont be an issue but what about pumping the water, will it work?

Kanhaiya Pandey says:

@Michael S i have gold,mollies&dollar fish in my tank….is it ok to have those fish in my tank….i have these fishes in the pair of two….please reply me

Dennis Bliss says:

First rule to freshwater fish tanks is that tap water has either chlorine or chloramines in it that’s why you treat before you use it. Thats common sense. Sorry to be rude but your showing the wrong rules

Vailwolf says:

I’m thinking of getting one of these for my 30g Axolotl tank. Do these work well for sand substrate?

Tristan Scott says:

What if the water straight out of the cold is warmer (like 10 degrees Fahrenheit) than the water in my tank? PS. I live in Texas so during the summer our cold water out of the faucet is really warm.

Cynthia Taylor says:

What size tank is that?

Will Oswald says:

I just got a tank and that looks super helpful

yolo molo says:

what can i do if my tap doesnt have that thing where i can attach the python to?

Mggames1010 says:

@Big Al’s, so when I drain the water from the tank to the sink, do I have to keep the sink on while I’m sucking up the water to the sink?

SpongeRod Armstead says:

I got a 40 gallon tank, so to clean it I don’t need to drain all the water out? so dirty water will still be in my tank?

kyle stivers says:

I love my python. It’s so much easier than using buckets. I like to tie the hose to something i stepped on my hose and broke the pump. Had to buy a new pump. I need to get the hook thing.

Freya Hester says:

Thank you my mom is wanting one of these systems and I wanted to see how easy it was to hook up and run with the hook attachment this was just the kind of video I was hunting for. Thanks for being informative, easy to watch and not having annoying music overlaid lol

JGO says:

I love doing water Changes your not an aquarist if you don’t like keeping you fish healthy. Plus the gravel vaccumb I bought has a water starter you just squeeze it a few times and it start syponing

Malevolent Duppy says:

My python always makes a mess 😉

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