Key & Peele – Mattress Shopping – Uncensored

A nerdy mattress shopper employs an unusual strategy to test out the merchandise.


Koaasst says:

si poppy lol

Raiden Cate says:

Did not expect that ending twist…

nawab256 says:

What if the man shouting in the end was the sales man that sold him the bed? Kind of a self realization. Although it didn’t stop him from doing again the next night

Gabby Waller says:

Who got that good deed

Will Soto says:

this is my favorite vid of their’s

m c says:

1:09 the moment your balls disappear

Luarvic says:

1:28 – very good actor!

Ryzi says:

Yea, ok im going to sleep.

Divyang Mundotia says:

Who got that good D

D Death says:

Doctor Strange+Wolverine+Black dude=this nigga.


What a twiste

Ariess s says:

How to find the right bed mattress

Migosfan 32 says:

He sounded like a tiki lava talking lamp

TheHive says:

ai papi… ai papi… ai… ai… ai papi… ai papi… ai… ai…

밤봄 says:

I guess the last part was jordan too

legendary_ 02 says:

Plot twist head ahh

2020 Aaron Bronstone says:

I didn’t really get the ending scene, someone explain???

Jacob S says:

I can’t not laugh at 1:27!

Connor Taylor says:


Donnell Coleman says:

You got that good dick

LinuxCraft says:

Lol no one commented xD

HeyIt'sMarley says:

One simply does not watch one Key & Peele video without watching all the Key & Peele videos

dead jack says:

This is perfect

Aidan Afshar says:

Truly amazing actors. You can see it in there faces how hard they are trying not to laugh.

The Blackest Beauty says:

This tickled me so. The end was totally unexpected.

80Aerial says:


Fabzil says:

Holy shit that ending o_O

Aeredhael Redfalen says:

I can relate. A few years ago the people in the apartment above mine loosened up their bedframe, causing frequent bouts of late night squeaking. I finally couldn’t take it anymore since I was losing enough sleep to affect my job, so I taped an adjustable wrench and a small bottle of 3-in-1 oil to their door. No note, just the wrench and oil. That night was MUCH quieter.

You may think that this is the end of my tale, but there’s actually a bit more.
A couple of days after they fixed the squeaky bed frame, I saw the couple leaving the apartment. I looked the guy in the eye and said “thank you.” He looked at me for a moment trying to figure out what I meant, and then his face went red as the proverbial lightbulb came on. He said in a quiet and embarrassed voice: “do you want the wrench back?” I told him he could keep it, and he thanked me and beat a hasty retreat to his girlfriend who was waiting for him. She asked what I wanted, and he whispered to her a moment, and she went beet red and shot a glance my way before dragging him to their car.
I never did have trouble with the noise after that.

Stephen Mungai says:

for those who don’t get it.. the mattress salesman lives above the customer

Gone Names says:


Gamer 1000 says:

I don’t really get it

Top Kek 123 01000111 01101111 01100100 says:

Nigga walking like he has a 20IN dick

Legend says:

So at the end he was in a hotel?

Malik Crowther says:

2:34 AHHHHHHH *turns into sex hulk*

Gabby Waller says:

He didn’t have to make the noise

Lexi Istheone says:

HERE IT COMES!!!!!!!!!

Stan Lee says:


A Flying fish says:

poor kid

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