Kingsized Dreams: The Groovy Origins of the Waterbed

You remember waterbeds. The plush, squishy mattresses. The hours of bouncy fun. It all started with a homework assignment. In graduate school, industrial design student Charlie Hall was tasked with improving human comfort. He thought beds should be more comfortable. This is the watery story of your dreams.

This Great Big Story was inspired by Genesis.


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GS #1 says:

very cool!

Andy yun says:

Why have a water bed when you can get purple?

Ida Ayu Dampaty says:


JimJam says:


1337Sauce says:

Didn’t even have to guess this guy was from Washington. 😉

Let me guess… the second generation of waterbed will have baffling inside it?

michaelsjourney87 says:

i’ve used waterbeds for at least 20 years now i’ll be 30 this month and i’ve never had a problem i’ve tried others over the years but in the end i gotta go with what’s best for my health i currently have a full motion bladder with a legacy lilly tight top cover to protect from my cats claws etc which it does beautifully in medium walnut california king size with bookcase headboard and pull finger draws underneath to make up for the storage that the bed takes up which honestly is not that much only 72×84 with the finishing touch jumbo thick black vinyl padded side rails so i don’t bruise my legs or my butt getting in and out and i was able to have it in my apartment because my dr wrote a letter explaining to my landlord it’s for the health benefits pain relief etc

Juber777 says:

Groovy and cool

But you know what isn’t? Oil going into rivers and I would think that the protests at the pipes, “at ground zero”, would be A Great Big Story….

Kawaishiri says:

I’m surprised this doesn’t have many comments. I’d really like to try a waterbed sometime

Vema Price says:

I miss my waterbed! where can I buy one?

Whitney lps Productions says:


Chirp says:

Take a gallon of vodka every time he says Groovy.

myuser name says:

Only 20 comments!

Aiman says:

The video editing and music works so well

Nathania Benita says:

What the hell, there are like, only 9 comments?

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