Manta Resort: Underwater Room – Tour & Review

In December of 2013, I was lucky enough to find myself on the remote island of Pemba – an island part of the Zanzibar archipelago just off the coast of Tanzania. There, I stayed with my family at the Manta Resort. More specifically, I got the opportunity to spend the 24th night in Manta’s underwater room, which is the second of its kind. The experience was incredible – one that I would recommend to any extravagant explorer. Enjoy the video and comment any questions that I can answer.


Paulette Poole says:

This is awesome, so me. One day I hope!!!

burungcamar says:


Paula Haynes Green says:

that OK keep great white at your window

love is short says:


Werner Smith says:

I love Zanzibar but trust me….If you want to travel here I recommend you visit: …these guys are Zanzibar EXPERTS!

Leaf Roblox says:


Head Attanius says:

fucking your girl while the fishes watch

DJ 420 says:

wouldnt be sleeping in that bed fuck that

Capt Eric Bergeron says:

Nice video, thumbs up from us and cheers from sunny IGY Simpson Bay Marina, Sint Maarten in the Caribbean.

Chance Peepee says:

Imagine sex in there.

iscreamman guy says:

this music sucks just like the video quality.

HahThatsWhatSheSaid says:

Luca Brasi would be very much at home here! I heard he sleeps with the fishes.

Joshua Nateras says:

how long did u stay, and how much??

Rice Man says:

Wow,an underwater view of nothing.

Hiep Hoang says:

Resort ko đẹp

GhaztandFriends Forever says:

I wish I had a house like that.

Eroll Alsayega says:

Im confuse when septic is full where they gonna dump the human waste ?? Feeds for fish ?? Eww

BennySlavMan says:

“fun ladder”

Snugi Jackson says:

I feel like I cant breathe!!!

Miguel Wu says:

This hotel is in Pemba , a city of MOZAMBIQUE and not Tanzania .
What a gorgeous hotel !
Our country is beatiful and I’m proud of being mozambican . I hope you all come here one day!

Alessandra Ambrosio says:

I would like to ask how much does this underwater hotel cost. Can someone pleas tell me?

irishwench333 says:


ScoutMaddox G says:

All you have to worry about is somali pirates

สูญตา 13 says:

555 Mantab.

khakeem afro says:

Which country please?

Akanksha Chowdary says:

Where is this place locate ??

Bandit says:

I dont think they know what “sleeping with the fishes” really means.

Purrston's GamingStuffz says:

they should build a whole neighborhood of these, would be an interesting resort if you could have multiple families there.

Re-Sails / Hooley says:


COD Boss says:

do you have wifi in there ?????

y8u99 9 says:

Where is it located

Hildebert says:

First i thought its boring af but the underwater sleeping area gave it the shot

Sarthak Chaturvedi says:

What if pirates attack??
Does the resort provide any kind of defence??

Michael Brown says:

How much to build one of these?

Alessandra Ambrosio says:

Is this Pemba in Africa?

Nathalie Brigitte Bustos says:

Too bad the camera is so shaky…

fusionmechanic1 says:

what if jaws comes around sees u through glass and tries to get to you from outside and breaks the glass? with u underwater? I would imagine your fucked right?

zippyman818 says:

Nick just wants to stare at the fish!

Elijah Whitehead says:

Not much to look at. I wanted to see coral, sharks, colerful fish, sting ray ect.

dirtTdude says:

i’m glad to see people are still video recording with empty milk cartons

Davian Parish says:

And what happens when a shark is there lmao

Home Gaming says:

is it sold ?

Niels Rendbæk says:


Danny Schwab says:


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