Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station & Doll

Monster High Lagoona’s Hydration Station & Doll


doggie &me lover 100 says:

the pets name is Neptuna

Bonita Fermur says:

la voy a pedir para happy new year

Noemi love says:

non hai seguito il limite dell’acqua.
a destra ci sono delle onde che ti fanno capire il limite dell’acqua

Nootanklebiter says:

how can there be water in there and she is not wet i mean how dose it work?

Tex Bex says:

Oh man, I watched another review on yt (not this one) and then bought this used on ebay because I thought it would be a cool, soothing night light/ lava lamp kinda thing (plus stand for Lagoona), but it is way LOUD! Not relaxing at all. Wonder if there’s a way to muffle the sound…

Vera Lucia says:

amei. este. videooo

Kaeden Cherry says:

her name is Neptunea

Rachel Wonnocott says:

I’m getting a package from the post monster high abbey bominable in a box

CrystalWolf Gaming says:

cool play set!

Deanna says:

sounds like a jet engine

Johana Krishel Lizzette Capule says:

That is Lagoona’s pet piranha neptuna

creamy licious says:

the doll not so beauty because new doll is 100 percen

Janice Dockery says:


creamy licious says:

the stand is so beauty . look!! has bubble blue

Tiaisa Savage says:

It looks like it has water in it and love ur video I collect monster high to but I have to start a new one because. my friend ripped. The heads off

MarMar Chan says:

im hope ill get this on XMAS!!!

kitty cat 510 says:

love it

WaffleTM Enjoys Waffles says:

Where did u get it

eah lover says:

I have seen chan stands

Valeria Guerrero says:

I want that doll for a different world

damaris ocampo says:

like si lo vez en el 2016 sino eres … gay o niña o niño

MissyEagle Youtube says:

i love Lagona

Aniyiah Chism says:


Tahya Tooley says:

how much was that

Bonita Fermur says:

la voy a pedir para happy new year

Pringle Power says:

were did you get it? do you have to put real water in it?

Kurukii Käsekuchen says:

This looks so amazing! I wish I had it as well 😀

Valeria Guerrero says:

I want that doll in my apartment

goldendragon115 Bbox says:

shit head

jason fields says:


Danger Noodle says:

What is the thing for

ribs says:

The mask is actually for laggona

mona lissa manzano says:

her pets name is Neptuna

Tiana’s World says:

i bet this comment wont get a single like/comment

aiep calama says:


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