Most Comfortable Mattress 2018 (TOP 8 BEDS – Memory Foam, Hybrid & More)

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Most Comfortable Mattress 2018 (TOP 8 BEDS – Memory Foam, Hybrid & More). In this video, Kaite discusses our top picks for the best comfortable mattress 2018 or most comfortable bed 2018. Topics discussed in this video range from mattress construction (spring, hybrid, foam) and firmness to motion transfer and overall comfort. Finding the most comfortable bed in a box is very subjective. Some people love memory foam while others like spring mattresses in a box but hopefully this video will help you narrow down the choices. Some of these beds might even land on the list for Best Soft Mattress 2018 or Best Mattress For Side Sleepers 2018. Thanks for watching.

Link To Full Most Comfortable Bed List: Coming Soon

Link To Full Brentwood Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Brooklyn Bowery Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Casper Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Nest Alexander Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Purple Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Stearns & Foster Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Tomorrow Hybrid Mattress Review: Coming Soon

Link To Full Wink Bed Mattress Review: Coming Soon

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valvesucker says:

Wink beds because it has the best name and lots of options.

TheTrombonism says:

Gotta go Purple since I am exclusively a side- sleeper.

Eric Sisk says:

Brentwood is best because of the eco-friendly and I’m a combo sleeper.

Paul Wheeler says:

For this option, I’d have to go with the Casper. Why? I’m definitely a side sleeper.

Blake Waddell says:

Purple 4 or Tomorrow hybrid!

misneachail says:

If I had the money, I’d go for the Purple or Casper.

Ross Bagatski says:

I would go with Brooklyn Bowery, it’s all-foam, 30% cheaper than Casper, good for a side sleeper.

Kristina Li says:


Vince Ancheta says:

The Tulo medium you guys gave me is super comfy. I can’t imagine something being more comfy than that unless it’s a pillow top.


Nice job Kate. I do wonder, do you have pants without the holes in the knees? jk

Cole MacDonald says:

Where do you get these frames and headboards? The black one or charcoal?

Ryan Ossewaarde says:

The nest would be great. I still want the purple matress though. 🙂

AMADDE 70 says:

Most comfy or comfiest?

DekuScrub says:

Gonna go with the casper, I own one and they’re great!

Michael Chan says:

I’d get Purple just to try out the cushion, plus I like the cooling.

Julian Leon says:

the Purple mattress seems like it would be the one for me because its really cool new thing in the mattress indrustry

jeromy ross says:

Stearns n fosters. Because I’m a back sleeper. Or wink cuz im heavy

Paul says:

Purple 2 great for those with a bigger figure

LifeUnBoxed says:

Slept on a Casper this weekend and OMG so comfy

Chris C says:

I’d say I would probably prefer the nest alexander.

Elissa Brueggemann says:

well i hope you are all proud of yourself…i’m officially addicted to mattress review videos! Casper is looking pretty good for side & hot sleepers, like me!

Ben Schneider says:

I like purple the best because it has many reviews and is very reliable

keith brantley says:


Jennifer Wood says:

I like Purple, looks good and have great reviews

Danny "Clownie" Bonneau says:

Seems like that Nest Alexander is a great contender in this list

Niraj Bhavar says:

Stearns and foster as you know back and stomach side sleepers.

Karayah Holly says:

The Nest Alexander Original Hybrid is on my most comfortable list as well, so I guess I’d say that one is best. I also really love their all-foam Signature Series. The AS3 is great for combo sleepers who want a mattress which uses Tempur-pedic quality memory foam. The Wright mattress is my new top favorite. It’s at a steeper price point than most online mattresses, but they usually run promotions for 20% off during major holidays, which makes the price way more manageable. Their memory foam is wonderful, provides amazing pressure relief, but it’s really responsive, keeping it from that usual quicksand feeling.

pavia94 says:

I love watching your video you guys do an awesome job

Thomas Mccomas says:

If I had to say, probably the Nest Alexander Hybrid, from other reviews it just sounds like the most comfortable.

Troy Ferrett says:

I subscribed you guys rock

Whaley Ocean says:

Casper because I’m a side sleeper

Isaias Campuzano says:

Purple. great all-around. especially for sleepers like myself.

Ben Schneider says:

I like purple the best because it has many reviews and is very reliable

Natacha Pankratz says:

I like the Allswell ( on other lists). Hopefully this vid marks the close of mattress week (seriously, guys, this vid, on top of the rest? Just put “best cooling mattress” on here, and you’ve compiled all)…

Cale Krogman says:

I’d be interested to try the Casper, because I sleep on my side a lot. However, I am set on the Purple bed. From watching a ton of your other mattress videos, purple seems to be the one that would fit me best!

Kenneth Hensel says:

Alexander hybrid looks comfy to me. Side sleeper here.

Kevin Ramirez says:

That purple 4 looks so nice… but loved the quick run through. Just enough details to keep you interested and look into that best that would best suit you

jiegermeister says:

Purple is best! That unique material is really comfortable

Austin Haynes says:

I’m not sure why Rizknows is saying the Tomorrow Sleep isn’t suitable for Side Sleepers. Is it because they only reviewed the Medium Firm? Tomorrow Sleep offers two mattresses, a medium firm and a medium soft. The Medium Soft is specifically catered toward side sleepers and could also work for back sleepers as well if they light to medium weight. It also sleeps pretty cool (not as cool as purple) but cooler than most memory foam beds since it is a hybrid.

Marie Bonilla says:

Kate, you are the best! I like the Brooklyn and the Nest from this list.

Emily Bredeson says:

I am thinking purple. I sleep hot and am a side sleeper! Wish they weren’t so pricy though!

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