Next Level Beds You Won’t Believe Exist



Ohea 01 –
Pod Bed –
The Perfect Duvet | SmartDuvet –
Smart Bed –
Waterbed –
Zip Bed –
Floating Bed –!/page_SPLASH
Balluga Beds –
Hi-Can –
Ceiling Bed by Milano Smart Living –


Matilde Moe Steen says:

2:27 so cool

Светлана Мелюхина says:

Эти кровати для богатых людей…

Massimo Speroni says:

crederai non cederai errore nel titolo

Kane O says:

Ridiculous innovation for people searching for happiness in a bottle. Modernity is breeding learned idiots.

Justin Beeber says:

The second bed OUTDID BITCHES!!

Josh Crews says:

The bed on the thumbnail is 30k wtf?

Ola Lalala says:

When i saw the waterbed , I wanted to run and jump on!

Sma LL says:

Спишь в первой кровати спишь и тут чувствуешь как твои яички к подбородку с одеялом ползут,ну нафиг такую кровать

Julian Di caro says:

Give me a like please.

Moonglow says:

Dsplay of human stupidity, not intelligence.

Giovanni Labalestra says:

Che non cederai esistono…. oc

Giuseppe Bosco says:

cederai o crederai?

Superbizon Rus says:

Fu ck technology

Harshitha the acchu says:


Taylor Pittman says:

who else is watching this while laying on their cheap bed

Rpz Néos says:

3:43 lit d’eau U.U

skye bish I have a boyfriend says:

I want the pod bed or the one at 7:21
Comment wich one u want

suku pandey says:

Ham yahi SAB karange to soenge kab

suku pandey says:

My normal bed is OK….

danu162 says:

Banda isse behtar kapil sharma ki comedy dekh le bhala batao kya khayiya pe khule men neend achi nahi aati abe itne itne men to sàal bhar ka rashan aajaye.

kugut2000 says:

The bed from animate valley….

Enlighten Me says:

I was 8 months prego and was stuck in water bed for 45 mins back in 1988 haha! Good job!


I want a bed that smells like Mandy Muse

Olya Sivorina says:

Супер кровать на втором видео,для детей класс!

Andy M says:

That first bed. . . . . . .promoting laziness again,okay if you’re disabled though.


Mấy việc gấp chăn gối thì tự làm đi cho bớt lười. Cái đó cũng nhờ tự động thì con ng bệnh hết

Michael Hunt says:

Where is the bed that dries the wet spot?

Harshitha the acchu says:

Really great

Shakes First says:

A pod bed that emits blue light? The fact that blue light is associated with lower levels of melatonin making sleep more difficult, they have screwed it in the first step.

Aftab Hossain says:


M. Adly Hendryan says:

Like yg nntn sambil tiduran

Rpz Néos says:

1:05 jen veux un

Alex Coman says:

Just woke up and saw this. Back to sleep I guess

Dani Costa says:

A segunda parece cama de cachorro!

pleumz playz says:

Can someone help me reach 40 subs

Notícias Org says:


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