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Milonification says:

youre Dutch!! i knew it 😀 wat leuk!

Kaye Faye says:

Uhm… erm…. Out of curiosity how do you spell your name, lol?  I know I sound ignorant (Though to be fair I know no Dutch; my only languages are English and Japanese with a little Korean.)  but I’m kind of curious now that I’ve heard. x3 Lemme guess, it’s probably really simple and I’m just dumb.

Jaxen Ross is b-a-c-k! says:

Wow. This, is, a, PIECE, of S**T. I praise its special effects though.

smirch says:

Probably some bad chop suey…

Michael Thomas says:


George Bean says:

3:37  Guy on the left.
Movie unintentionally inspires ‘Anchorman’.  ;D

jevon M says:

9:32 fuck editing, honest review, that’s what we’re here for 🙂
mother fucking pieces man

Akoma EML2016 says:

Tim the bear horror review!

Clarissa Missarelli says:

Your videos are awesome and you’re the sweetest guy ever, I wish I could subscribe more than once!!!

Patrick Harrison says:

Brutus from popeye

Nathan Mcgee says:

great review) I always viewed pieces as a gory over the top comedy more than a horror movie.

zombiegone says:

That ending though, worst hand-job ever.

Ramonezs says:

Is that euroshopper beer any good lol?

Nathan Mcgee says:

Great Review I always viewed Pieces as a gory over the top comedy than a horror movie.

Sarah says:

Classic <3

E WILSON says:

So entertaining! I love your accent!

hilary whitworth says:

haha Banjo and tooie theme song in the intro?

karsten madsen says:

stil your best review he he

Nathan Mcgee says:

Great Review I always viewed Pieces as a gory over the top comedy than a horror movie.

P L E D G E says:

Very good movie review! Good amount of comedy, as well as personal opinions, keep up the great work man.

Azrael Astrum says:

I remember this one had a modest cult following in the 80’s….perhaps it still does…great review….but your reviews are always great!

Dan ReptileHouse Cooper says:

it’s an Italian horror movie from the eighties- no other explanation is needed….

Noel River says:

favorite movie review of all time

Nathan Mcgee says:

great review) I always viewed pieces as a gory over the top comedy more than a horror movie.

LilyoftheLake says:

“This is Mutha’ Fuckin’ Pieces, MAN!!!”

Paul de gast says:

Ik heb net de film voor het eerst gezien en ik heb erg hard gelachen om de onzin in deze film. Wat een slechte film zeg. Ik heb ook erg gelachen om de review. Het geeft goed weer wat je kunt verwachten van deze ” klassieker. ” De film was totaal niet wat ik verwacht had maar ik heb me wel vermaakt.

blackspiraldancer6 says:

I would suggest watching this with the original language track, as not only does it change the language, but also the music. It’s like watching two completely different films. Dubbed is a corny slasher, and original is a gory masterpiece.

Harry Banova says:

Does anyone know thw song that plays at kill 5

steven morris says:

“BAD CHOP SUEY!” ……………………. Bruce LE in a horror film ……………………….. EPIC shit *

Korrina Colella says:

Love your dancing to the aerobic scene

Andie Lawrence says:

I just seen this move last night, and kept thinking…. “I’ve seen these kill scenes before” glad I went back and checked your reviews, because hallarity ensued when I seen this review again, especially after just watching the movie for the first time last night! It’s so bad…. It’s good, it’s shit, but it keeps you entertained for sure haha

Charles Lamb says:

it’s fucking pieces man!

Boats Birds says:

He’s so cute <3

B-is for Best Movie Reviews and More says:

It’s a college dude

Bo Van Borsel says:

This one has to be one of my favorite review by you. It’s so funny! The aerobics music, cutting to you dancing. Lol! Keep up the good work. Love all your work.

CancelParryAttack says:


Mother Coconuts says:

Best part, 

Iwan Romanow says:

Its motherfuckin Pieces !

Cosmic86x says:

This movie has a 6.0 rating on IMDB. It actually looks like a 3.0 😉

Patrizia Corleone says:

….and now I know your name xD

mr. rod says:

Bud Spencer?

Liam Bunker says:

you should make a rating system

letsattempt says:

i just watched this based on your review (which is great btw). You were so so right! Where everything is done wrong in exactly the right way!. Love the grind house style too!

Who Where says:


Mr. V says:

Ron Burgundy’s younger brother at 3:37. You’re welcome.

Nathan TheNathan says:


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