Planet Fitness HydroMassage: Watch this before you go? | Planet Fitness Hydro Massage Bed Review

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HydroMassage Planet Fitness Beds require you to recline back on its soft padding. As you rest on this chair, you’ll find a screen next to you which is attached to this bed. You can use this to activate the touchscreen to turn the power on. You can then press start and choose a pressure and speed amount.

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Sheree Westerman says:

This bed sounds wonderful. I am going to go join now thanks for sharing……..

Amanda Zizzo says:

It all starts with 30 days. That was the hardest for me! To celebrate, I created a 30 day workout challenge with a prize at the end! Sign up here:

Angie Ang says:

After I used this I felt great!!

gus parra says:

I don’t know that looks like it pick up other people sweat

Shelby Defrenn says:

Does it get wiped down after every use? Do we wipe it down or the people that work there

Romulo Silva Audiobooks says:

I love hydromassage! very relaxing

Silents Ranks says:

Thank you! Very informative

Le Elda Means says:

These features on these beds should have been explained when I signed up! Since it seems to be overlooked, it should be on the touch screen.

Big Bootie Girls Mom says:

God is GOOD?

Rodney Thomas says:

Cool music

eon denilansa says:

Nice video my friend, i hope you come n like my video

Jayda Atkinson says:

Thank you! I never knew what the hold button was for! I needed this information

Stephen Koh says:

please let me know what this song is called

Roger H says:

how bout a live person

Lala Smith says:

Im on it now but it doesnt have a hold button

tinapassis says:

I used to go to a 200 dollar gym for 30 bucks a months this is worth it…yes we all clean the bed …

Jill Amoroso says:

Hello planet fitness, im joining now!!

Ben Russell says:

I want it to hit my butt

handmaidmd says:

They are nice!

pork nBeans says:

I use these at PF often. Wonder where I can buy the same model.

Conspiracy Hamster says:

Robots don’t get massages

Desiree Swaringen says:

You misspelled “watch” in your title.

JuukezeBarbie says:

Thank you!!

Haizi says:

I was so stoned last night this thing felt great

Cat Dennis says:

I was sold until I heard the detox part. I have terrible reactions to detox. Bummer

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