Products To Make You Instantly Comfy

These eight products will make you instantly comfy. For more information on the products (featured in chronological order), visit:
The SnuggL:
The Cuddle Mattress:
Pause Pod:

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Hermini Sarmiento says:

Am I the only one that thought of Cristine (simplynailogical) when i saw the sweatpants with socks?

Ina Hoxha says:

0:11 i’m one of those people ho sleep like that . I need that !

Thecoolvits 16 says:


Uhhh never mind I have a couch

Adam Towski says:

This is.. The attack helicopter bed!

PeachiiTea says:

0:19 that looks wrong

Christy the Random says:

I see comfy
I click

Mercedes Mathis says:

0:01 please tell me where i can find this, please and thank you.

FuzzyPineapple says:

_squish, you feel as something that resembles a hand touches you from the other side_

Clorox Bleach says:

The lovesac is 200 to 900 dollars

Yeet Mgeet says:

“this pillow was made for single people”
me: *_iLl TaKE UR enTiRe stOCk_*

Queen Gacha Taco's says:

And i thought my bed was comfy.

Лилия Наумкина says:

I dunno man, sleeping with my legs out like that… ))

Blue Frost says:

I need 2:37

V a p o r w a v e C i t y says:

It’s literally just a body pillow

Karrington Xo says:

This is the best video on YouTube delete the rest!

Idiot With a Hose says:

footjays are optional footy pajamas and no one can change my mind

sprite cranberry says:

To make you FEEL instantly comfy

Because you a broke ass

Andrea Teh says:

What is the song though?

Fritzi Lang says:

All of the clothes ones were dumb but I would punch a baby for the giant knit blanket.

Koral Reef says:

Things you will need to be comfy

1. A mattress
2. A pillow
3. A blanket
4. Your fake friend’s boyfriend
5. …Well I shouldn’t say what you do next

Ruth Belke says:

3:14 and oxygen.

God Jihyo says:

I feel claustrophobic just watching this

Cuilin Liu says:

#2 looks staticky

Ava The Lazy Queen says:

Where can I find these thing’s……I NEEED THEM NOW

Mollie Sheehan says:

0:16 that’s SOOO lonely

Levi Ackerman says:

1:33 ughh I imagine the cock roaches

Kuba Latuszek says:

Looking for price of lovesac

WTF is wrong with this people

xCrystiiAngel says:

The snuggL one needs to have a waifu version of it.

*Miserable thot* says:

Damn, this made me think my reaaaally comfy bed is not comfy enough.

Sophia Gutierrez says:

When you so lonely 0:09

Xlethal_Shooter says:

I cant sleep rn and its 3:37 am

Keira Fraser says:

When you want it but you too broke

Sweetwhite CHOCOLATE says:

0:09 Well,
that’s called a body pillow my non-weeb friends

【C】【r】【o】【g】【g】【8】【8】 says:

0:26 wasn’t it made for pregnant people?

Andrea Teh says:

I love the song tooo for no reasonnn

Praveen Ramachandran says:

The snuggL is not perfect for side sleepers.
Its for the lonely singles.

AbbY Jamison says:

The love sac looks so comfortable

léa_379 says:

I Want ALL

Masked Animator says:

*cough* body pillow *cough cough*

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