Sleeping on Floor is Better than Mattress (Back Pain, Sciatica, Pinched Nerve) – Dr Mandell

We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping. Unfortunately most people are sleeping incorrectly damaging the muscles, tendons, ligaments, and discs of the spine.

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adnanhafeez8080 says:

100% correct. i reached the same conclusion 4 years back and since then i am sleeping on hard surface with slim cotton mattress and felt huge improvements in posture and my backache is gone. highly recomended!

Alex McAllister says:

What happens if you have a big butt?

shah jahan says:

doctor do you sleep on floor

David Carson says:

I very often fall asleep at night in my leather recliner for the entire night very early . And I do get a good sleep in it, awaking refreshed. Is this alright, and should I continue with it?

Ahsen Malick says:

Which is the best side sleep for heart and circulate system

Light Star says:

sleeping on the bare floor isint adviced since it absorbes the heat produced by our body and hence our body burns sugars to maintain the ideal body temperature continuously

Bigbad Crawford says:

Fuck this. I love my bed.

Gerald Sweat says:

*_I have lived with this pain for last 3 years. I tried everything on me  Muscle Imbalance Therapy , Inversion Therapy , Enzymes Supplement , Heat and cold , physio therapy and many more , but nothing happened .[Go Here >>>>>_**_**_ ]book yesterday night after i made the payment and followed the treatment as it is stated in the book and u won’t believe this my sciatica pain was decreased to 70% in just 1 day._*

Someo Nelse says:

I tried sleeping on the floor, but I simply wouldn’t fall asleep at all. After four hours of trying I just went on my bed and fell asleep virtually instantly. I’m a back sleeper so I though it would have been easy to sleep like that.

jocy galvan says:

Thank you Dr Mandell I really needed this video my lower back has been hurting a lot when i sleep on my stomach…. Ill give it a try sleeping on the floor! (Just Subscribed)*

المجموعة للفنون الموسيقية The Group music Band says:

You guys wont really need any links to be provided be the gentleman because you allready know he spoke logicaly and he said nothing but the truth..

Wiinter says:

I have a yoga mat, I’m gonna try sleeping on that for a while. I’m also using a makeshift standing desk I made out of a wall mounted shelf (basically a piece of wood with mounting brackets) and a vesa mounted monitor.

The next step is to train myself to squat instead of sitting and I’ll be hunting tigers with a spear in no time!

Mary Klett says:

I began sleeping on the floor on a thin pad a few months ago. I just wanted to get out of a bed for a while as I was recovering from an illness. Now I don’t want to go back to that bed. Thank you motivationaldoc for this video. Now I know that lying flat on my back is a a good way to sleep and I won’t feel odd about it anymore.

Fimon says:

The floor is lava

Firstimeshooter says:

I’m 25 and I been sleeping on the floor sense I was 16. And first 2 months are tough but after that I been good. Plus I have more space in my room. More room in my room.

david black says:

I laughed my ass off at this comment section

The BunBoy says:

One question here: Im a 5.9 foot long male and have a quite big but compared to my body (ex football player here:Z). I have to put many pillows under my knees in order to make the arch in my back straighter, and the it feels quite comfortable after the knees are elevated around one feet above the ground. The problem is that my tailbone or coccyx is still in touch with the ground and after a few hours it hurts and I wake up to the pain and have to lie on my side. Do you have any conclusions? Should I begin using a matress again? Right now Im using a yoga mat on a carpet.

Hassan Syed says:

That is a long ass neck. Damn…

Jesse Sanchez says:

It works..I’ve tried pain killers for years. I have sciatica, nerve damage, cervical back damage.. i accidentally ordered the wrong orthopedic mattress, so I didn’t want to sleep on the sofa, so I tried the floor for the nught…with a work out mat.,,,and my pain was 50% less immediately..I have a medicine ball in my room too stretch EVERY morning because my back hurts so much…wow..the floor really helped. ..Im single so it works for….don’t know how it would work for a married couple tho…lol…..FYI..i cancelled my mattress order..saved 3k…

Matthew Wiederhold says:

What about when you bring a girl home

elitestar says:

That curvature looks like it pronounces the booty a bit more.

Wind Surf says:

I’ve tried sleeping on blankets on a wooden floor in northern Thailand for a week only problem was I couldn’t sleep! the pain from my bony parts pushing on the floor hurt. Plus when we sleep we move around into different positions and different bony parts like hips, shoulders heels etc more pain. Floor sleeping might stop spinal pain, but the sleep deprivation will be worse.

David Krueg says:

I hit my tail bone The ground as I lay on my back it’s really fucking uncomfortable unless I have a little pillow underneath my butt in the back other than that it’s all right

Carissa says:

A most every night I can’t fall asleep so I spend hours turning, then look outside ant try to fall asleep on a comfortable chair, then give up and lye on the floor, 5 minutes later I’m asleep

Hao 01 says:

Sleep on the floor isn’t good. It will make your back and neck get pain.

Frazer Norris says:

great stuff! thank you.

hyacinthdibley2 says:

My dad’s always had back issues for as long as i can remember.
Even after we bought a house (in 1994), he got his dream king bed (made up of two twin mattresses side-by-side)….slept on that bed for about 2 months and couldn’t take it. Since then, he’s not slept on a mattress. Instead of the floor, he got a thin wooden plank about 2-4 inches thick, she same dimensions as a twin (or half a king anyway) and replaced one of the mattresses on this side of the bed with the plank, and it’s been working for him.

المجموعة للفنون الموسيقية The Group music Band says:

Now let me tell you guys what re-engineering means – skipping non sense and focus on the goal..

I find no mistake in what this great doctor said..

Bo Kwon says:

Hello! I have a question. Do you think memory foam is bad for you? I’m wanting to try sleeping on the floor again but I’m wondering if memory foam topper would be not good for me to use on the floor. Please let me know! Thank you 🙂

Orion Jones says:

This is an excellent posture treatment solution “doso shocking guide” (Google it) when you are trying to better your posture. As I am working, I use it for just one hour a day. I sit all day for my job and my posture has gotten worse. There are more improvements to come, however I could say that it`s efficient.

المجموعة للفنون الموسيقية The Group music Band says:

And i bet somebody to bring me out such a clever and an honest doc like him..

An not saying he is the one and only..
Am surely not defending him..
I never met him before.

But what he says is true.. and there is a concept in medical studies i believe that stands on ( logic ).

linuxric1 says:

your neck is very long , how so?

George P says:

I can’t fall asleep on my back, unless I sleep in my recliner chair.

Ronnie Mead says:

Thank you Doctor for this great video. I was having back pains, knee pains and pain all over my body from sleeping on a couch for 12 hours while I work the overnight shift at a patients house. I decided to get off that old couch and sleep on the floor with blankets and pillows and low and behold my back pain and all over pain have dramatically decreased. I would never sleep on that couch again, the floor is way better of my back and knees. I also intend to skip my bed at home and go for the floor with some nice comforters after I have thoroughly cleaned the carpet and sprinkled with insect repellent.

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